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With SiteCare’s WordPress maintenance and digital marketing services, you can focus on your business while our team of experts secure, update and grow your website.

Why SiteCare?

WordPress maintenance

Focus on what you do best — running your business — and leave your WordPress maintenance to our team of WordPress experts.
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  • Optimize your site speed and performance

    Our speed and performance improvements help your site load faster, providing a better experience for all your visitors.

  • Simplify WordPress updates

    Keeping up with WordPress updates can be difficult. Never worry about breaking your website with a team of WordPress experts supporting your site.

  • Keep your site safe and secure

    Safeguard your website with 24/7 malware monitoring and ironclad protection against spam and brute force attacks.

  • Build a fast, reliable foundation for your site

    Our managed WordPress hosting service is specially curated to include everything a professional business needs — daily cloud backups, global CDN setup, hassle-free site migrations, SSL certificate, top-notch customer support, and plenty of storage and bandwidth.

  • Enjoy world-class customer support

    Get responsive WordPress support when you need it most. We even offer phone support — because sometimes a simple 2-minute phone call is all it takes to address an issue.

Digital Marketing

Do you want more traffic, better rankings, more sales, or more leads?  SiteCare offers a full suite of digital marketing services that includes search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, and more.  Consider SiteCare your complete marketing solution for your website needs and your digital marketing.
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  • Reach buyers with data-driven SEO strategies

    The ultimate goal of SEO isn’t rankings or traffic — it’s leads and sales. Our search marketing experts harness content creation, on-page improvements, local search tools, and conversion optimization tactics to help you rank better and rake in higher-quality traffic and conversions.

  • Build digital awareness of your brand

    Increase traffic and generate higher quality leads through a well-managed pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign, and forge stronger connections with your customers through email marketing, lead generation campaigns, and social media.

  • Track your return on investment

    Make confident, informed decisions about the direction of your marketing efforts with actionable analytic reports that demonstrate the ROI for your SiteCare services.

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Our team of account managers backed by subject matter experts in WordPress development, search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media management and performance optimization provide recommendations backed by data to help you achieve your goals.

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Who needs SiteCare?

SiteCare is for business leaders who are accountable for ensuring that all the sales and marketing functions of the business are operational and contribute to revenue growth.

Marketing departments

SiteCare helps marketing departments move quickly from ideation to the web without the added cost of searching for a web developer or hiring costly in-house staff. Our on-demand development and marketing services serve as an extension of their marketing team.

What our clients say

We are our clients’ proactive competitive advantage

We support your website so your website can support you.

Websites have become a critical part of every business’ sales and marketing efforts. But without proactive maintenance and guidance, people are left vulnerable to crashes, poor performance, and lackluster user experiences that ultimately lead to subpar business performance.


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