11 Great Startups Using WordPress Right Now

Businesses across industires are using WordPress and quite frankly, you should too. Here's how eleven great startups are setting the trend.

by Ryan Sullivan


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Imagine that you think of a breakout idea. One that’s going to change the way the world sees technology. You round up your closest friends (at least the moderately smart ones) and start pitching the idea to investors, building your platform, and seeking out potential customers or users.

Decisions are aplenty, from partnership opportunities to office choices. But what about your website? What are the most cost-effective ways to build your online product or display what your idea is about with a site?

With over 74 million sites depending on WordPress, it’s no fluke that thousands of startups implement WordPress for at least some portion of their product or marketing platform. That said, keep reading to learn more about some of the hottest startups using WordPress right now.


You know what a pain it is to buy a mattress? It’s one of the few tasks you still need to go into a brick and mortar shop for. It turns out Casper wants to change the way we buy mattresses by streamlining the process for the internet.

The popular startup received $13.1 million in Series A funding in the summer of 2015, and it has a fun and comprehensive blog, called Pillow Talk, that runs on the WordPress interface.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak knows quite a bit about simplicity, and it shows since its entire sales website is running on WordPress. The company has videos, social media links, a custom background, and a phone number list signup form.

Yik Yak has raised over $73 million in funding. The company is a simple gossip app that lets you post anonymously and see what people are saying in your vicinity. Teens love it, and school administrators do not.


Valued at over $1 billion, the Nutanix startup is nothing short of a superstar company. The business builds storage devices. Sounds simple enough, but since we are finding it more and more difficult to satisfy storage growth, this device solves this problem as an ever-expanding flash drive.

Just plug in one storage device, and when you run out of space, attach another to the previous storage device. You can keep doing this for as long as you want. The best part? Nutanix has a stylish and powerful sales and information website, all built on the WordPress platform.


Many think getting into the digital grocery business is a fool’s errand, with competition like Peapod. Yet Instacart allows customers a chance to order groceries on a mobile phone or computer and have it delivered to an apartment within one hour.

Popular in large cities, Instacart runs a creative blog, on WordPress, showing the power of unique content creation and connecting with customers. The company has raised over $100 million in funding to date.

Cyber Dust

The Mark Cuban-backed Cyber Dust is everyone’s dream. The company has a strong focus on personal privacy, since you can permanently self destruct texts and photos sent to other people. It’s similar to Snapchat, except that Snapchat actually saves everything you send out.

The Cyber Dust blog uses WordPress, and although it’s just getting started, you should expect big things from the company feed.


Zenefits is ticking off the HR software industry, because it’s giving away powerful human resources software for free. It then makes money as an insurance broker, making it a no brainer for most companies who want a free HR platform.

Although the Zenefits system does not run off WordPress, the company has a constantly updated blog, posting guidance for HR professionals, along with tips on how to automate and manage the human resources software.


Huddle is a competitor with companies like Box, in that it helps organizations work together by sharing files and documents through the cloud. The company has raised almost $90 million in funding, and the entire frontend sales page uses WordPress. They share videos about the service, pricing, images, features and more.


Did you ever think that a software would make Excel obsolete? Well, that’s what Anaplan has done, at least in the financial planning sector. The financial-analysis software runs completely on the cloud, and its primary website works right on WordPress.

From the blog to the pricing modules, you can see exactly how a startup, valued at $1 billion, creates a lightweight and effective site on WordPress.


Qualtrics is a family-run business, valued at $1 billion. The business model works to help other companies gather feedback through expedited surveys, market research, employee engagement and more.

If you checkout the sales website, you’ll find good old WordPress as the muscle behind the madness. Qualtrics does a great job of showing people which large companies use the tools by utilizing the visual aspects on WordPress.

SkyHigh Networks

SkyHigh Networks offers one primary feature for enterprise level organizations. It uncovers and secures all the cloud systems used by employees, helping prevent data leakage, fight attacks and warn of intruders.

The entire SkyHigh Networks website uses WordPress with some detailed customizations and stylish changes. Customers can request a full demo through the WordPress site and read all they want about the company.


Delinea solves the major problem of employee password management. Since employees are one of the main reasons enterprise data is leaked, this is a huge advantage for business security. The Delinea WordPress blog shares security tips for companies, along with posts from the CEO, Tom Kemp.

As a small business owner, have you heard of any of these startups? Many of them are growing at alarming rates, meaning that everyone could learn something from them. From using WordPress to finding the right idea, all of these startups have a few things in common.

Could your startup end up on a list like this someday? Drop a line in the comments section if you are using WordPress for your startup. How do you like it?

Ryan Sullivan | Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Sullivan is Chief Operating Officer at SiteCare, LLC. With a background in information and open source technology, Ryan has been calming technical tidal waves, and helping businesses and publishers succeed online for 10+ years. Ryan is also an avid golfer and loves tuning in to Utah Jazz.