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Lead Generation | SEO | 4 min read

4 Key Ways SEO Will Never Change

"Change is the only constant in life," and that couldn't be more true when it comes to search engine optimization. That said, even as SEO evolves, there are a few things that will remain. Keeping these in mind will allow for focus and long-term vision.

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Lead Generation | 6 min read

How to Set Up Conversion Tracking for Phone Calls

There are various ways of tracking conversations – call tracking is one that helps measure the performance of your advertising and marketing campaigns by identifying the source of your inbounds call leads. It's a way of tracking which of your messaging mediums are most effective.

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Lead Generation | SEO | 10 min read

10 Business Decisions That Can Hurt SEO

Some of the most critical SEO mistakes cannot simply be fixed by an expert SEO professional. How so? SEO mistakes often boil down to an underlying business decision. It's important to set business goals that align with your SEO campaigns. Here's a list of decisions that could hurt your SEO performance.

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