WordPress Plugins

WordPress core is a home’s foundation and your theme is the interior design of your house, then the plugins are the extras that extend your home’s use. Do you want a pool in your backyard? How about a fully-connected smart home? Solar panels on your roof? In the same way, WP plugins are small pieces of software that extend your WordPress site’s functionality.

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The Best WordPress Backup Plugin

They say that two is one, and one is none. This is absolutely the case when it comes to backing up your data and critical systems online. Although it's not spoken about all too often, the reality is that hard drives crash, and without a backup, there's nothing you can do about it. Here's how to prepare for a disaster before it strikes.

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Is SearchWP The Best WordPress Search Plugin?

A consistent annoyance among our customers is the lack of power behind the WordPress search function. When you have a large number of posts and pages, tracking down a small piece of content can be a frustrating experience. We may have found the solution! Here's more on what we believe to be the best WordPress search plugin.

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