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No matter how many times you’ve launched a new WordPress blog, you know that launching a blog and actually writing …

by Ryan Sullivan

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No matter how many times you’ve launched a new WordPress blog, you know that launching a blog and actually writing a blog post are two different things. Writing for the blog isn’t easy, and when it comes time to finally publishing a post you’d think there should be fireworks, but this rarely happens.

Publishing can be such a chore, in fact, that we often see it as the finish line rather than the starting block. After you publish, the promotion of that post is only beginning, and there’s nothing worse than a blog post that hasn’t been properly distributed to the world.

This is a fundamental reason that we built CoSchedule, a WordPress editorial calendar. Too many of us spend hours crafting new content only to spend a few minutes promoting it on our social channels. This is a shotgun approach, and it represents a lost opportunity. We think we can fix that.

Nice post, but you're not done yet.

Nice post, but you’re not done yet.

Reality: Social Sharing Is Actually Pretty Hard

I mean, it’s not quite as painful as configuring your gmail SMTP settings, but for all the plugins and solutions available today, the social promotion of a blog post is actually pretty hard. The frustrations are plentiful:

  • An abundance of logins.
  • So many browser tabs.
  • Several disconnected tools.
  • Time consuming scheduling regimens.
  • Irregularity of social networks (posts look different on each one).
  • Unreliable or limited plugins.

These frustrations often lead to a similar story: As new posts are published, we share them on each of our social media feeds once, and then never again. What happens tomorrow, or even next week? Do we let that content that took so much work to create die quietly – never to be shared again? There is a better way.

Social Media While You Blog

CoSchedule is an essential element of the publisher’s toolbox. We built it because we were creating content on our blog each day, and experienced the sharing frustrations first hand. Either we published and didn’t share a thing, or published and spent hours trying to promote the post properly. Neither option was any good. CoSchedule is an all-in-one tool that lets you create social media messages while you blog, but it doesn’t do the sharing in a single shot – it allows you to create a staggered approach. For example:

  1. Day 1 – Blog post goes live
  2. Same day – Initial social messages trickle out to your accounts over the next 2-3 hours.
  3. Next day – Messages are shared again on the appropriate social channels.
  4. Next week – Another series of messages are pre-scheduled and sent the following week.
  5. Next month – Even more social messages are pre-scheduled for the following month.
  6. Next _____ – Additional messages can optionally be scheduled for the three-month mark or beyond.

Think of it like this – rather than hitting all of our social media feeds at once, a staggered method will slowly drip our campaign to our feeds over several days, weeks or months. It’s a great way to ensure a steady stream of views to your own content. At CoSchedule, our sharing usually looks something like this:

social media promotion for wordpress

Typical social media promotion for a CoSchedule blog post.

CoSchedule: The WordPress Editorial Calendar

We’ve made CoSchedule as easy to set up and install as possible. It’s as simple as signing up for a free trial at The service even installs the WordPress plugin for you! This allows CoSchedule to sync with your local WordPress install. CoSchedule is a third-party service backed by a reliable API, but we never move your post data. All of that stays on your own server. Once you are connected, there is a short walkthrough that will show you the ins an outs of CoSchedule. Here are a few of the things that we will walk you through.

A Visual Way To Plan You Content

So many bloggers have told us that they just want to “see everything all in one place” vs. having to go all over the place just to try and keep their heads on straight. CoSchedule makes this easy by placing your blog posts and your social media messages on a single drag-and-drop calendar. Now you can finally visualize your blog or wordpress editorial calendar all in one place.


Drag & Drop Editorial Calendar

Keep Your Team In The Loop

If you’re a blog editor, then you know that your job can be a lot like herding cats. CoSchedule makes life easier for your team by allowing you to assign them tasks, and facilitate conversation within the post itself. It is where blogging meets social media with a side of project management.

Editorial calendar workflow

Assign tasks to your team.

The All-In-One Publishing Solution

CoSchedule integrates with the most important social networks, including Buffer and Google+, and puts them all into WordPress, the world’s most popular publishing platform. We think that’s a pretty incredible combination that makes publishing your content a heckuva lot more fun.

WordPress editorial calendar

CoSchedule is right at home in WordPress

Save A Ton Of Time, Gain More Traffic

Most of our users tell us that they blog more, schedule more social media messages, and get more traffic. The bottom line is that CoSchedule makes you a better blogger. All, with the simple addition of a WordPress editorial calendar.

Creating content is hard enough. No matter what tool you decide to use, don’t let your content go to waste. Create a promotion plan, and share your content with the world. Not long ago, one of our own writers wrote a viral blog post after CoSchedule shared a link a full month after it originally went live. These results clearly speak for themselves.

This tutorial was originally contributed by

Ryan Sullivan | Vice President, Client Success


  • Stacie 6 years ago

    I’ve been thinking about trying this out! I think it will help keep me organized. I’m glad to hear you recommend it!

    • W
      WP Site Care 6 years ago

      Yep, we’ve been really happy with it! Really great product with a nice WordPress integration.

      • Stacie 6 years ago

        Is it hard to install?

        • W
          WP Site Care 6 years ago

          It’s “very” simple! In fact, if you sign up on, you just enter your WP login there, and the plugin gets installed for you. Totally seamless.

          • Stacie 6 years ago

            Oh awesome I like easy! I’m going to take a better look at it this weekend and get it installed. Thanks for your help!

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