Meet the Team: Kate Snow, Accounting Manager

A lot of exciting things happened in 2018 for Southern Web — we acquired WP Site Care in the summer, …

by Drew Barton

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Kate SnowA lot of exciting things happened in 2018 for Southern Web — we acquired WP Site Care in the summer, we took on some fantastic new employees, and we also began transitioning into a mostly remote workplace.

One of the key people that handled the logistical and financial aspects of these processes is our Accounting Manager, Kate Snow.

In the latest installment of our “Meet the Team” interview series, Kate shares her experiences overseeing these exciting company transitions.

As Accounting Manager, what do you do at Southern Web?

I’m essentially an all-in-one administrative specialist. I handle accounts payable, accounts receivable, all billing communication with clients, HR, payroll, financial monitoring & reporting, tax prep, and mail & office duties.

What is the most challenging part of managing company finances and office operations?

Keeping everyone happy — clients, contractors, employees, vendors, managers!

  • Clients need to receive invoices with no surprises.
  • Contractors, employees, & vendors need to get paid on time, the appropriate amount, and in the correct way.
  • Management needs accurate numbers so that there are no problems with cash flow or projections.

To top it all off, our office needs to be welcoming, stocked with food and office supplies, with no missing mail.

Southern Web acquired WP Site Care earlier this year — can you tell me a bit about what it was like to oversee the acquisition process?

As a team, we are really good at putting processes in place to make big jobs less challenging. When I learned we were acquiring WP Site Care, I sat down with Drew (President) and Justin (VP of Operations) to discuss how this was going to happen and put a plan in place. Having a plan from the beginning made the acquisition process much easier.

As part of this journey, we also added two new team members — Matt & Ryan — who have really made the transition painless. I am so happy to have them on our team.

Probably the biggest challenge was migrating 170 clients from WP Site Care’s billing system to ours. This involved me reaching out to every one of them to collect their billing information.

In the past few months, Southern Web team has moved toward a mostly remote office setting. What has it been like to transition our office into a virtual setting?

Since we already have several full-time remote employees, we luckily already have many tools and policies in place to communicate virtually. As a result, the transition has been pretty seamless.

I make sure to have daily check-in meetings with Drew so that we’re always on the same page with finances and operations. Also, while most of our team is working at least partially remote, we’re still maintaining our office in Buckhead for the time being. That means I typically come in a couple times a week to take care of any mail, stock the office kitchen, and perform any other office-related administrative tasks.

What tools or apps could you not live without?

There are two:

  • Google Calendar. I schedule everything I need to do on it. I would be lost without it.
  • QuickBooks. I spend the majority of every day working in QuickBooks

Invisibility, Flight or Telepathy. Of these three superpowers, which would you choose and why?

Flight — for the adventure of it.

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