Meet the Team: Matthew Zak, Client Services Manager

If you’ve ever contacted our support team, you’ve probably had a conversation with Matthew Zak, our Client Services Manager (and …

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Matthew Zak

If you’ve ever contacted our support team, you’ve probably had a conversation with Matthew Zak, our Client Services Manager (and literal customer tech support hero). In the first installment of Southern Web’s “Meet the Team” interview series, we talk with Matt about working with clients, enjoying the great outdoors, and superpowers.

As Client Services Manager, what do you do at Southern Web?

The short version is that I manage maintenance and support for all Southern Web and WP Site Care clients. This involves addressing support tickets as well as working on small projects, like site migrations, SSL installations, theme tweaks, and plugin installation and configuration. Basically, I answer all the “HELP!” questions coming from our customers. 🙂

What tools or apps are indispensable to your work?

  • 1Password – It’s an absolutely essential tool for protecting sensitive client information while allowing me to have the access I need to help.
  • Textexpander – I use this to help make written communication more efficient and standardized, relay contact information quickly, and correct common spelling and grammar mistakes.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

One of the biggest challenges is being able to address such a wide range of requests. Some are pretty simple, like changing the content on a page. Others are extremely complicated, and require the assistance of developers. Being able to move from one type of issue to the next, and rapidly shift how to address an issue can be challenging.

What advice or tips do you have for people who work closely with clients?

I think approaching relationships with clients with empathy and believing that success is mutual (“we’re all in this together”) is a good place to start from.

What do you do to unwind on the weekends?

I love being outside. In the summer I hike, explore some of the ghost towns nearby, and play golf and softball. In the winter I snowboard and relax in the hot springs in the area.

Invisibility, Flight or Telepathy. Of these three superpowers, which would you choose and why?

I’d go with invisibility. I like learning and experiencing things, and being invisible would let me go places and learn things I normally might not be able to.

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