The Importance of Brand Identity in Social Media

Brand identity performs an essential role in any successful marketing strategy. What is often an afterthought though, is the importance of your brand on social media. With an ever-increasing market using social media platforms, brands can no longer afford to ignore this part of their marketing plan. Is your business thriving on social media, or are you looking for guidance? We're here to help!

by Rholene Gerber

Digital Marketing | Social Media Marketing

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Branding is, and always will be, a crucial part of your marketing strategy. The more customers recognize, trust, and engage with your brand, the more likely they will choose your products or services. 

However, your brand is more than your logo, the colors you use, and your fonts. Your brand identity is who you are – your mission, vision, and values.  Every aspect of your marketing works together to make your brand resonate with customers sufficiently for them to become loyal fans and promoters of what you do.

Why is branding on social media important?

Social media pages are often the first impression new customers will have of your brand. Many online users, particularly those in the younger demographics, will head to Instagram, Twitter, or even Tiktok to find out about you before they go to your website. 

A recent study highlighted that nearly 80% of Gen Z and Millennials had bought a product after seeing it on social media. Many preferred using social media platforms instead of searching for products online. So, as Millenials account for the largest consumer group, and Gen Z commands disposable income of approximately $360 billion, it is crucial that your marketing meets these groups on their terms. 

What is the role of branding on social media?

If you don’t have an unmistakable brand aesthetic and your brand identity doesn’t come through immediately, you may lose out on potential customers. You want your followers to recognize your social posts instantly – we call this ‘brand recognition.’ Whether it’s specific colors or fonts or always incorporating your logo, be sure to include common brand elements in your posts, so your followers immediately know it’s your picture or video they’re scrolling past. 

Moreover, if your social posts don’t align with your core identity or values, it’s time to reassess your marketing creatives and strategies. If they do, keep it up. You know yourself and your company best; focus on that.

How others build brand recognition

The wedding photographer who posts light, airy shots of weddings and engagements (and sticks to this aesthetic template) ensures her work is readily identifiable to users as they scroll through their content feeds. The manufacturer that consistently blends its brand colors, logo, and high-quality product shots in its social posts (across multiple platforms) steadily builds brand recognition over time. 

Tarte Cosmetics, for example, primarily uses three models for their marketing videos. They post other product shots and photos of real customers to keep things current, but if you see one of those three brand ambassadors, you can immediately know you’re watching a Tarte reel.

 The University of Tennessee’s Football Instagram account prioritizes orange and white in their posts. It’s pretty easy to separate their content from others, thanks to the Power T in almost every picture or video. Their social posts make it impossible for you to confuse them with their competitors, and that’s what they want.

The University of Tennessee Football's Instagram page

Growing brand equity in 2023

We’re no longer posting pics of the sandwich we ate for lunch on Instagram circa 2009 (phew, what a time). Instead, we’re sharing accurate content with real value that matches our brand personality and what we stand for. This is a crucial move for any social media coordinator, marketing director, or agency in 2023.

At SiteCare, we’re focusing on sharing value-adding content more than ever this year. Our team strives to employ in-depth research to create shareable social media content that truly resonates with our clients and their audiences. We value collaborative teamwork and push authenticity and expertise to the top of the agenda. 

We’re also focused on who we are as people because that’s who our company is. We embrace the quirks, differences, and shared and disparate languages of our multi-national team and work alongside our clients as their partners, cheerleaders, and allies. Our brand is our values, and vice versa. Communication, enthusiastic teamwork, and inspired deliverables make us excited to go to work every day. 

If you’d like to learn more about evolving your brand in social media, get in touch with a member of our digital marketing team. Or, if you just want to have a chat, then we’re here for that too!

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Rholene is SiteCare's Social Media Campaign Manager. Rholene has worked in Digital Marketing for 10+ years, six of these as a head strategist and media solutions managing director. She is passionate about aligning campaign-related marketing strategies to smash client goals. In her spare time, Rholene enjoys crafting, staying fit, and unhealthily obsessing about coffee.

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