5 Tips for Effective Real Estate Email Marketing

Email marketing remains the most effective tool available today. These are our five tips for using it to your advantage.

by Catie Leary

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Email remains one of the most effective marketing tools available today — especially for real estate agents and brokers. Our clients often ask us how to leverage their email lists to increase leads and conversions, which is why we’ve put together this handy list of effective real estate email marketing tips.

1. Build your subscriber list the right way.


A simple but effective way to gain subscribers is by providing ample opt-in opportunities. Strategic placement of email opt-in forms throughout your website is the first step.

We recommend placing these forms in prominent areas — such as at the top of a homepage, in sidebars on pages with longer content, within call-to-actions, as well as in the footer of each page. Just remember that an opt-in form should be an intuitive, natural extension of the other content on your page — not a hurdle for visitors to struggle against.

2. Incentivize with a lead magnet.

Lead magnets are high-value incentives offered to potential clients in exchange for sharing their email addresses and other contact information. The most compelling lead magnets are those that provide real value — they solve problems, they provide insight into trends, they are easy to digest, and most importantly, they are written by a credible authority on the subject at hand.

Examples of lead magnets for buyers and sellers might be neighborhood guides, tip sheets, infographics, etc. By creating these resources and then promoting access to them on your website, blog, and social media channels, you’ll attract people who are interested in the work you’re doing, the knowledge you’re sharing, and the properties you’re listing. You’ll also grow your email list in the process.

3. Keep up the momentum.

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Getting people to opt into your email list is only half the battle of real estate email marketing. Now you have to prove that your email campaigns are worth the time to open or even just stay subscribed. To do this, you must continue to produce compelling and actionable content targeted toward the recipient.

Keeping up the momentum is especially important if you have former clients signed up for your list. As many agents and brokers already know, the vast majority of business in the real estate world originates from existing relationships. Not only do these clients offer repeat business, but they are also the “word of mouth” engine that powers incoming referrals for new clients. Given the undeniable strength of these loyal clients, it’s important to nurture these valuable relationships with meaningful email contact.

4. Set up automatic listing updates and market trend reports.

Crafting original newsletter content can be a challenge — especially when you’re a real estate agent with a million other things going on. While quality over quantity remains paramount, there are real estate email marketing tools that are specifically designed to provide valuable resources to your subscribers.

Not sure where to start? SiteCare offers two automatic email marketing tools that are geared specifically to the needs of our real estate digital marketing clients.

  • Market Ketchup sends market trend reports to your subscribers once a month. Compiled using the most recent listing data, this service provides easy-to-understand diagrams illustrating key market statistics that should be kept in mind when considering a real estate investment.
  • Email Marketing Drip for IDX sends weekly automated listing digests to your subscribers. The service emails your new listings that have been added or reduced in price the last week.

5. Segment and analyze.

No matter how many subscribers you gain or how many newsletters you send out, it’s all for naught if you aren’t taking advantage of segmentation and analytical tools.

Creating segments allows you to more effectively target certain audiences in your list for communication that is most relevant to them. Leveraging segmentation translates to higher open and clicks rates. You can segment lists based on all kinds of things, such as geography, age, gender, industry, or engagement level.

Evaluating analytics offers insights about email marketing metrics that enable you to make data-driven decisions about what’s working for your campaigns and what isn’t. There are many metrics that can help you draw conclusions about the efficacy of your campaigns, including opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, and more.

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