Weglot: A WordPress Translation Plugin With A New Approach

This is a guest post from Augustin Prot, co-founder of Weglot. This is part of a series of posts to showcase …

by Ryan Sullivan

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This is a guest post from Augustin Prot, co-founder of Weglot. This is part of a series of posts to showcase new WordPress plugins we think are awesome. If you have a plugin you’d like us to showcase, please email us at [email protected].


If you need to create a WordPress site with multiple languages, it can be quite difficult.

Existing solutions tend to have a complex set-up, or are difficult to use.

This is why there have been many debates about building a native feature for multilingual into WordPress core.

On the other hand, Matt Mullenweg (creator of WordPress) stated last summer at the European WordCamp that multilingual should be something left to third-party contributors (plugins).

This is why we built Weglot!

What Is Weglot?

Created in 2015, Weglot is a SaaS plugin with a very different approach to Multilingualism in WordPress.

Once installed, Weglot automatically detects all your website content and provides a first layer of machine translation. Then, you can edit translations to make sure they are 100% accurate. Or, you can order pro translations from translation agencies Weglot has partnered with.

We focused on making Weglot simple and easy to use. The set-up takes only a few minutes and does not require any technical skills.

Here is a video tutorial walking you through the entire process:

Weglot’s Advantages

  • 3 Translation Options – Choose between a Machine Translation, Manual Translation, or hire a Pro Translator through Weglot
  • Follows SEO Best Practices – Weglot follows Google multilingual guidelines about multilingual website. Each version is on a sub-directory (/en, /fr, /nl, etc), linked by tag alternate hreflang to make it easily discoverable. SEO meta tags are also translated
  • Customize Other Content for Each Language – Images & Videos can be changed depending on which language is chosen
  • Compatible with Other Themes and Plugins – Weglot is agnostic of the origin of the code in the page, minimizing compatibility issues
  • Customizable Language Switching Button – you can choose the buttons appearance and location to fit your website design
  • Top Tier Support – Weglot offers a strong support through email and live chat. Our team is also actively finding ways to make the plugin even better
  • Performance – Because Weglot does not create any new table or complex architecture, it does not affect performance

Weglot offers a free version for websites with under 2,000 words and 1 extra language. The starter plan includes up to 20,000 words and 1 extra language, is 79€ (or about $86) per year; And a business yearly license with unlimited words and 15 extra languages, is 150€ (about $169) per year.

The team behind Weglot, located in Paris, France aims to help WordPress users with the historical struggle and panic that happens every time you need to build a multilingual website.

Click Here to visit Weglot’s website and learn more.

Ryan Sullivan | VP, Technology

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