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Today is a really exciting day for our team. We’ve acquired WP Radius and are thrilled to welcome their customers …

by Ryan Sullivan

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Today is a really exciting day for our team. We’ve acquired WP Radius and are thrilled to welcome their customers into the WP Site Care family!

What this means

We’ve been working toward growing our customer base and learning about new business models in the WordPress support space for quite some time, and the WP Radius acquisition allows us to accomplish both of those goals.

We’ll grow our existing customer base by roughly 20%, and the unlimited jobs model that WP Radius has will allow us to learn more about how that might be delivered on a larger scale, or at least some variation thereof.

We’ve been very interested in the unlimited jobs model and what that really means from an operations standpoint for quite some time, and whether or not it’s actually better for customers, so this move will allow us to learn a lot more about how that all plays out in the real world.

We know that unlimited anything isn’t real, but the concept of being able to fulfill little requests for our customers as they come up, without having to track time or process dozens of micro-transactions for a customer every month is certainly appealing. It reduces friction for everyone, which is what we want as a customer service company.

What does this change for existing customers?

Right now, nothing will change for WP Site Care or WP Radius customers. We’re going to spend some time analyzing interactions and learning and really just taking it slow before we make any changes. This is a learning opportunity, first and foremost.

We want to build confidence in our next move and know that whatever changes we make in the future serve our customers and the long-term sustainability of WP Site Care. We also need some time to develop trust and rapport with the new customers we’re welcoming to the family. In other words, we’re in no rush to change anything.

Will you keep the WP Radius brand?

In the short term we’ll continue to operate WP Radius independently of WP Site Care. But we do have the goal of consolidating everything under the WP Site Care brand eventually.

We’re so excited!

This is the first truly big move our young company has made, and we’re thrilled to attack this transition head on. We know that we’ll learn a lot in this process. We’re looking forward to learning how to deliver the services our customers need, at a price small businesses can afford, with the human touch that’s especially tough to find from a technical services company.

Here’s to 2018 and our continued success together! ❤️

Ryan Sullivan | VP, Technology

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  • Cody McBurnett 3 years ago

    Hi! I’m a WP Radius customer and I can’t figure out how to submit a support ticket.

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