What’s Wrong With Your Cold Email Outreach – and How to Fix It [Video]

Are your cold email outreach campaigns not performing as well as you wish they would? In his video and blog, Jason unpacks why this could be so, and what you can do to fix it.

by Jason Bagley

Cold Email Lead Generation

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Wondering how you can take your email outreach from this

Zero to minimal leads generated.

…to this

A much better result, with numerous prospects converting into leads.

…using a simple change in strategy? Read on for Jason’s top tips on how to fix your outreach campaigns right from the start.

Tip #1: Don’t begin with targeted lists

Most people kick off their email outreach by building targeted lists. One challenge with this approach is that, while these lists are hyper-targeted to your industry, location, or the job titles you’re going after, the people who you’ve added don’t know who you are. That’s is why we call it cold email outreach – you’re sending emails to users who haven’t necessarily engaged with your business or brand, and so your emails could easily be dismissed as spam.

While targeting does work, and we have seen results for our clients, it also takes longer to get right. There are many variables to try and perfect. Since your cold email recipients don’t trust you yet, your messaging and the tone of your email need to convince them to give you the time of day. And sometimes they won’t.

So how do you fix this?

Tip #2: Start with warm outreach instead

Warm outreach involves reaching out to contacts who already know you. You’ve interacted with them before, maybe struck up a conversation on LinkedIn, or sent them a tweet. They could even be an old client or a lead gone cold. Time may have passed, but it’s still worth getting in touch with them again.

Here’s how to build a warm outreach list from scratch.

  1. Start with your newsletter subscribers. You already have newsletter subscribers who know your company. These will be the first contacts on your warm email list.
  2. Export your LinkedIn connections. Send this list to a prospector who will be able to extract the data and find the person’s email address for you.
  3. Don’t forget your CRM contacts. There’s probably hundreds, or if not thousands of contacts saved in your CRM. You may have sent them a quote years ago; they could even be an ex-client. You’ll be surprised how many people you’ve interacted with over the years have moved jobs or started different companies. It’s possible they have forgotten about you but would be happy to get back in touch. Go and dig up some of that data and use it to build onto your warm outreach list.
  4. Ask your team. The older your company, the more likely it is that there’s valuable data lying around in all sorts of neglected places. You’ll be surprised at what your colleagues can find! There may be a list in an old filing cabinet, or a long-forgotten newsletter database used before the company moved over to new software. Get your hands on those lists, they are going to help your email campaigns.
  5. Explore Google Contacts. Another place you can potentially find hundreds (if not thousands) of contacts to add to your warm outreach campaign is your Google Contact list.

    If you are using G Suite (aka Google WorkSpace), you can obviously start with your saved contacts, but what you also want to explore is your Other Contacts list. [Jason shows you where to find this list in his video above].

    Other Contacts is where Google has stored the details of everyone that’s ever sent you an email, and vice versa, who you’ve never gotten around to adding as a contact. You will discover some hidden gems inside this list.

    Simply export the list and clean it up. Use a prospector to add additional data to those email addresses and records that you have. You now have one powerful warm outreach list that you’ve built in a matter of minutes.

You also have a list for remarketing

If you are running any Facebook ads or LinkedIn ads, you can use your new warm outreach list for remarketing purposes. Remarketing requires a list of about a thousand prospects or a thousand email addresses to run. Your new list will have a minimum of a thousand people who know you and are likely an excellent fit for your business.

Tip #3: Strike a balance between warm and cold email outreach

Eventually, you will run out of warm outreach emails to send. And that’s why you need to find the middle ground between almost instantly generating leads through your warm email list and targeting prospects with cold emails, a tactic that takes longer to get right to land sales.

Watch this next video for tips on how many cold emails to send in a day.

Jason Bagley | Vice President, Digital Strategy

Jason Bagley is the VP of Digital Strategy at SiteCare. For more than 12 years, Jason built and ran a highly successful lead generation agency, which SiteCare acquired in 2020.


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