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If your WordPress site is suffering from slow loading speed and poor performance, it may be time to bring in the professionals.

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It’s time to say “goodbye” to glacial loading speeds and “hello” to happy site visitors and glowing search engine rankings.

When it comes to site speed and performance, there’s always room for improvement. After all, the internet keeps getting faster and you need to make sure your business is keeping up.

When you partner with SiteCare’s expert team of WordPress pros, you receive concierge-style guidance for taking your site to the next level — including strategic recommendations for improving the performance and speed of your WordPress website.

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Site speed and performance analysis

Dealing with a site speed issue that you’re not sure how to fix on your own? From the moment you’re onboarded as a SiteCare customer, we dive in and get to the bottom of the issue with a comprehensive analysis of your WordPress site. Once we’ve identified what’s causing your site to lag, we provide concierge-style consultation and recommendations for addressing the issue.

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Speedy managed web hosting

Believe it or not, your web hosting provider plays a huge role in the performance and speed of your website. After years of working with countless web hosting companies on behalf of our customers, we know this all too well. That’s why our managed WordPress hosting service is specially designed with speed and reliability in mind.

WordPress Theme

Global Content Delivery Network

One of the best ways to boost your site speed is by setting up a global Content Delivery Network (CDN), which works by grabbing real-time copies of your site files and storing those copies in servers around the world. When people visit your site, your CDN is designed to load site files from the server that is geographically closest to your site visitors. Ultimately, CDNs make the internet a faster place for users across the world.

WordPress plugins

Fix plugin bloat

There are so many cool plugins out there, but it’s important to be choosy or else you might find yourself dealing with a bad case of plugin bloat. Our WordPress experts can assess your WordPress plugin collection and provide recommendations for updating, replacing, or removing the ones that are dragging down the speed of your site.

WordPress Performance

Display ad optimization

Display ads are an integral source of revenue for many websites, but if they aren’t properly optimized, they can drag your site down to a snail’s pace and frustrate your users. We can work with you on auditing and optimizing your display ads to keep your site speedy, your site visitors happy, and the ad revenue flowing.

WordPress Performance

Browser caching

Browser caching speeds up your website by storing images, HTML, CSS, and Javascript files on the hard drives of your site visitors. The next time a visitor returns to your site, those cached files automatically load from the visitor’s hard drive instead of your servers. Caching not only speeds up the user’s browsing experience — it also reduces your server bandwidth use. Win/win!

WordPress Performance

Mobile optimization

Is your site optimized for mobile users? We hope so. Neglecting mobile optimization not only frustrates site visitors using mobile devices — it can also impact your search engine rankings. Our team of WordPress experts can help make your website mobile-friendly by enabling Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), ensuring you have a responsive WordPress theme, improving page loading speed, and so much more.

Lazy loading

Lazy loading is crucial for speeding up websites that have lots of pages filled with imagery, videos, and content. When lazy loading is enabled, elements on a web page are loaded only as they’re needed, as opposed to all at once. Not only does this speed up your site for users, but it also lowers the amount of bandwidth used because not every single user will scroll the entire length of your page.

WordPress Performance

Image file compression

We love big, gorgeous visuals on a website as much as the next person, but unfortunately, these elements can adversely impact page load speed if they aren’t properly optimized for the web. To ensure your WordPress site speed isn’t held back by massive image and video files, we can make technical improvements to your website and install automated image compression tools so that you never need to resize images manually.

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