SiteCare vs. WP Beginner Pro Services

Whether you’re considering SiteCare or another WordPress support provider, like WP Beginner Pro Services, there are some important differences to consider.

‍Here’s the information you need to make an informed decision.

WP Beginner Pro Relies on a Partner for Delivery

WordPress resource WP Beginner recently expanded its offerings with the launch of WP Beginner Pro in April 2024. However, the professional services arm leverages Seahawk Media, another company within the same venture capital firm’s portfolio, to deliver its solutions.

SiteCare has its own team of account managers and developers who work directly with their clients. For transparency reasons, SiteCare does not offer white-label services.

To avoid confusion, note that WP Beginner Pro and Seahawk Media are used interchangeably in this article, as they represent the same service offering to the customer.

Seahawk is a WooExpert?

WooCommerce offers a program recognizing agencies with proven experience in their e-commerce plugin, called WooExperts. These agencies meet specific criteria to ensure client satisfaction.

Seahawk Media claims “WooExpert” certification on their website, even displaying the program’s logo. However, a search of the official WooExpert directory at the time of publication yielded no results for Seahawk Media.

SiteCare offers WooCommerce support but does not state they are a WooExpert in their marketing material.

SiteCare’s plans include web hosting

Choosing a great web hosting provider is crucial for your website. Here’s a breakdown of how Seahawk Media and SiteCare approach web hosting:

  • Seahawk Media: Focuses on web design and development services. They do not offer web hosting directly. Their website might include affiliate links to web hosting providers, where they earn commissions for referred customers. This means you’ll need to purchase web hosting separately.
  • SiteCare: Provides web support services bundled with enterprise-level web hosting. SiteCare’s partnerships with leading providers allow them to include this service at no additional cost.

In short, SiteCare offers an all-in-one solution with web hosting included, while Seahawk Media requires you to find and purchase hosting separately.

Seahawk customers should expect to pay additional fees to procure hosting. Here are typical fees for premium hosting:

  • Pagely: $199 per month:
  • WP Engine: $60 per month:
  • Pantheon: $55 per month:
  • Kinsta: $70 per month:

SiteCare clients can save on these costs as web hosting is included in all plans.

More guarantees with SiteCare

Both companies advertise a money-back guarantee on their websites. However, there’s a key difference in clarity.

Seahawk Media’s website mentions a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, it’s crucial to double-check their Terms of Service for confirmation. There may be discrepancies between the advertised guarantee and the actual terms.

SiteCare offers a clear 100% satisfaction guarantee. This provides greater peace of mind for potential clients.

When it comes to web hosting reliability, SiteCare takes a strong stance. SiteCare focuses on uptime and promises a guaranteed 100% uptime for your website. This ensures minimal downtime and optimal website performance.

Additionally, SiteCare’s Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plans guarantee “good” Core Web Vitals ratings from Google. These ratings measure aspects like page load speed, which can significantly impact your website’s search engine ranking and user experience. If SiteCare fails to meet its uptime guarantee, you receive a free month of service.

SiteCare saves you money on software

A key differentiator between SiteCare and Seahawk Media lies in their approach to software licenses.

SiteCare extends valuable developer or enterprise licenses to its clients. These licenses, which can cost hundreds of dollars per site if purchased individually, include popular tools like Advanced Custom Fields Pro, SendGrid, and Akismet. Advanced Custom Fields Pro simplifies building complex websites, SendGrid ensures reliable email delivery, and Akismet offers robust anti-spam protection. In essence, SiteCare bundles these valuable tools into their plans, potentially saving clients significant costs.

Seahawk Media’s website doesn’t mention including any software licenses with their services. This means you might need to factor in the additional cost of acquiring these licenses separately if your project requires them.

In short, SiteCare offers a more comprehensive solution by including valuable software licenses, while Seahawk Media might require additional software purchases depending on your project needs.

SiteCare has a long track record

When considering experience, a clear distinction emerges between SiteCare and Seahawk Media.

SiteCare was founded in 2005. They boast a long history in the WordPress maintenance industry. Furthermore, they’ve bolstered their expertise through acquisitions of two prominent players, WP Site Care and Maintainn. This extensive experience translates to a proven track record and potentially a wider range of services offered.

Seahawk Media was established in 2018. They are a relatively new player in the field. While their 2023 venture capital funding suggests growth potential, they lack the long-standing experience of SiteCare.

This difference in experience might be a deciding factor for some clients who prioritize a proven track record.


Here’s a breakdown of what are some of the key differences between SiteCare and Seahawk Media:

  • Both companies are based in the U.S. and have a globally distributed team.
  • Seahawk’s claim of being “certified WooExperts” cannot be confirmed by WooCommerce.
  • SiteCare’s plans include web hosting, whereas Seahawk has no web hosting offering.
  • Seahawk customers can expect to pay additional fees for web hosting.
  • SiteCare offers a set of service guarantees.
  • Both companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • SiteCare offers access to software licenses.
  • SiteCare is the original WordPress maintenance and support service. Seahawk was founded just a few years ago.
  • Seahawk Media is funded by investors, whereas SiteCare is privately owned by WordPress enthusiasts.
FeatureSiteCareSeahawk Media
LocationU.S. based, globally distributed teamU.S. based, globally distributed team
Web HostingIncludedNot offered
Additional Fees for Web HostingIncluded in all plansYes
Service GuaranteesOfferedNot Offered
Money-Back GuaranteeYesYes
Software LicensesAccess includedNo
FundingPrivately owned by WordPress enthusiastsVenture Capital Investors
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