How to Invite SiteCare to Manage Your Domain

In certain cases the SiteCare team will require access to your domain registrar in order to troubleshoot hosting configurations, authenticate email configurations, or validate third-party services like Google Search, Pinterest, etc.

Your domain registrar and web host can be the same company, but they aren’t always. Your domain registrar is where you can make changes to your top-level domain to re-route web traffic for your domain. If you’d like additional information on what your domain registrar does, Cloudflare has a great article that explains it.

How to grant SiteCare access to your domain registrar

Here are instructions for how to share domain registrar access with our team in the most secure way possible, from the most popular domain registrars. If your domain registrar isn’t seen in this list, please coordinate sharing access with our Client Success team by contacting [email protected].

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