Possible Reasons Your Google Merchant Center Feed Is Suspended

If you use Product Listing Ads within  Google AdWords, you are familiar with the Google Merchant Center and the feeds you must create to serve your ads. Recently, we’ve seen some of our client’s feeds get suspended, as it seems Google has updated some of their policies.

If your feed is not suspended, you might want to take a look at some of these things Google is on the lookout for.

Structured Data

You will need to implement structured data so Google can determine what your products are all about.  As web development has evolved, structured data has become the best way to provide the search engines with the most amount of information about your products.  This is also a great way to beef up your organic search result listings.

Pricing Variances

If your eCommerce store offers multiple prices for different order sizes, you need to make sure the highest price listed is served in your data feed.  Google doesn’t want users to see a lower price on their Shopping ads and then come to find out they must pay more for lesser orders.

Watermarks On Images

All products cannot have any watermarks on the product image that promotes their brand.  Google simply wants users to see the product and doesn’t want them to be bombarded with any other brand messaging.  Their purpose is to provide a seamless experience without any distractions.

What should you do if your feed is already suspended?

You will need to do three things:

Call Google: 1-800-2GOOGLE

You will need to provide them your AdWords client ID or MCC ID to verify you can discuss the account.  Explain to them what the issue is and have them guide you in the right direction.  They will already have notes on why your account is suspended and can give you insight on how to get it rectified.

Fix the issue

Your feed isn’t going to fix itself.  Do exactly what Google asks of you.

Submit your feed for review & call again

There is a form you can fill out to have your account reviewed.  This seems to automatically elevate it to the review team so they can get to it as quickly as possible.  As a safety net, you’ll want to call Google back again to notify them about the issue being resolved.  They will usually immediately escalate it to the review team.  In my experience, contacting them in every way possible seems to speed up the process.


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