Need Technical Assistance and Marketing Support for Your WordPress Blog?


From just a ‘hobby’ or part-time job to a full-time business you love running, your blog site has taken the internet by storm. Your following is growing daily, your ad revenue is up, and there’s even talk of brand collaborations in the pipeline. It’s a super exciting space in which to be! But are you confident you can scale?

Or are you struggling with:

Keeping up with regular WordPress maintenance and updates?

While WordPress is a feature-rich and versatile blogging platform, all websites require upkeep to stay optimized and secure. WordPress plugins and themes have regular update requirements, and software issues that need fixing can crop up. Ongoing WordPress health checks are essential to ensure your blog loads quickly, remains accessible and offers the best user experience possible.

Whose opinion to trust?

There is an overabundance of information on the internet on what to do (and not do) to boost your blog’s performance, traffic and earnings. Whether it’s the Facebook groups you’ve joined, YouTube channels you follow or the blogs you read by self-proclaimed SEO “gurus,” it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the recommendations and advice offered online. How do you block out the noise and figure out what is truly needed?

Juggling too many responsibilities at once?

Running a successful online business is round-the-clock work. Constantly innovating, creating engaging content, sourcing images or designs, and distributing your content across email and other social media channels are only some aspects of what it takes to grow a website. You may have a small team to manage, books to balance, meetings and events to attend, a family to consider, and daily errands to run; finding the time each day to tick everything off your list may have become a challenge.



How can SiteCare help?

We are a trusted partner to publishers and bloggers who need expert WordPress support and digital marketing assistance.


Professional WordPress maintenance services

Scale your website with the technical web support you need. Count on SiteCare’s development team to audit and optimize your WordPress blog’s performance, secure your website and add the features and functionality your site requires.


Digital marketing and lead generation support

Move your business forward and increase traffic, conversions and ad revenue with help from our Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Advertising, Content, Email Marketing, and Lead Generation experts. SiteCare’s team of digital marketers stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices to recommend marketing strategies that help grow search engine rankings and brand equity.


One-on-one website consulting

We  serve as a sounding board to help you identify the strategies and solutions that offer the best opportunities for growing your business and blog.


What our clients say

Let’s start working together

Not sure where to start? Why not consider our marketing and website audit? We’ll evaluate your site for improvements to help you increase your traffic and revenue, with no strings attached.

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