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Don’t play with fire.
Back up your site.

Our reliable, offsite WordPress backup solution has your back in the event of cybersecurity threats, botched WordPress updates, and facepalm-inducing human errors.

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Safeguard your WordPress site against human error

Humans make mistakes. It’s a fact of life. While some mistakes have minimal real-life consequences, some mistakes can be devastating if you don’t have a reliable contingency plan in place. When it comes to websites, a seemingly minor action can result in losing critical company files, breaking the functionality of an important feature, or bringing your entire site down altogether.

With SiteCare’s WordPress backup solution in place, our team can turn back the clock to a time before that human error was made.

Turn the clock back on human errors
Backing up a site before WordPress updates

Ensure safe WordPress updates

The open-source nature of WordPress comes with one major downside — compatibility. For your website to function correctly, your WordPress core software must coexist peacefully with your theme and plugins.

If you’re using an ancient WordPress theme or a plugin that has been abandoned by its developer, you may run into trouble when trying to update your site. At best, a botched WordPress update results in a minor site feature no longer working. At worst, it could mean completely breaking your site. That’s why SiteCare makes sure our customers’ WordPress sites have been recently backed up before rolling out any software updates.

Restore a compromised or hacked WordPress site

WordPress hacks and malware are a website owner’s worst nightmare. They can destroy and corrupt your site files, endanger visiting customers, and damage the credibility of your business. At SiteCare, we monitor and eliminate security threats before they can take root, and our WordPress backup solution ensures that any damage done is swiftly reverted.

Restoring a backup for a hacked website
Testing site changes on a backed up staging site

Test site changes using a staging environment

While our WordPress backup service allows you to triage in emergency WordPress situations, it’s also designed to prevent site-breaking human errors from occurring in the first place. How? With SiteCare’s backup solution, you have the ability to set up staging environments for testing site changes and updates before pushing them live.

WordPress backups with SiteCare

SiteCare’s WordPress backup solution is specially curated to include everything you need from a technical standpoint, paired with our world-class customer support.

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Backups to remote data centers

Our cloud backups transmit every change you make to your WordPress site over an encrypted connection to Amazon Web Services, the most reliable and trusted data storage platform in the world. We offer daily and real time backups depending on your plan level and specific needs of your website.

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Incremental backups

To prevent overloading your server, our WordPress backup solution is designed to take incremental backups of your site. This means that we only sync the changes that have been made since your last backup, rather than syncing all of your site files over and over again every single day.

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Independent offsite backups

Every website owner should have a regularly-scheduled external backup of their website independent of their hosting provider. Backing up your files offsite saves your server resources and ensures that you have an adequate redundancy of all your critical site files and data.

WordPress Backup calendar

30-day backup archive

At your request, we can restore any backups taken of your site within the past 30 days.

Hourly & real-time backups available

Hourly and real-time backups are available for sites with frequent data changes, like high-volume content publishers or eCommerce and membership sites.

WordPress Backups

WordPress multisite backups

Our backup solution supports backing up entire WordPress multisites in both subdomain and sub-directory configurations.

WordPress Backups

WooCommerce backups

If you use WooCommerce, daily and hourly backups may not be enough — you need real-time backups. At SiteCare, our WooCommerce backup solution is designed to trigger the moment any purchases or other ecommerce events are detected on your site.

WordPress Maintenance

Staging environments

Backups aren’t just for emergency situations. Need to test site changes before pushing them live? We can use your site’s backups to create a staging environment, which is a non-public clone of your site used for testing.

Managed WordPress Hosting

24/7 malware monitoring

Your backup files will always be there to save the day in the event of a site hack, but we believe that the best backup solution is prevention. Our WordPress support plans come with 24/7 malware scanning that identifies security threats before they become problems.

Back up your website with a WordPress maintenance & support plan

Give our WordPress support plan a 30 day test-drive. If we don’t knock your socks off with our professional care and attention to detail, we’ll give you your money back. Simple as that!

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