About SiteCare

We’re on a mission to make business leaders proud and confident of their WordPress websites.

Every day, we empower millions of people like you – the readers, learners, shoppers, and business owners – who rely on WordPress websites. Thousands of companies trust SiteCare’s data-driven performance metrics to help ensure their websites thrive.

Our Story

Fueled by a passion for the web, SiteCare founder Drew Barton juggled his overnight shift at CNN.com with freelance gigs in the early 2000s. Many of those early clients remain part of our community to this day, a testament to the trust and relationships we build.

From beginnings in a spare bedroom, SiteCare (formerly Southern Web Group) quickly outgrew its cozy confines. This entrepreneurial spirit led us to dedicated office space, fostering team collaboration and growth. However, by 2018, a yearning for flexibility and global talent led us to a bold decision: embracing a fully remote work model. Ditching the cubicles, we transformed into a distributed workforce, seamlessly adapting to the challenges of the pandemic and the needs of a global workforce.

SiteCare’s growth has been, in part, fueled by the acquisition of other companies. Over the last decade, SiteCare has acquired five firms: WP Site Care (2018), Web Considerations (2019), Firing Squad (2020), Maintainn (2022), and Smarter Searches (2023).

Today, SiteCare is laser-focused on unlocking the true potential of every WordPress site. Our secret weapon? A proprietary scoring system that pinpoints the root causes of common issues, acting as your website’s health check. With this intel, we offer a suite of targeted services, guaranteeing optimal performance for thousands of WordPress sites worldwide.


This timeline is more than just dates and milestones. Our long history reflects our dedication to growth, innovation, and building a team that reflects the richness of the world around us. We’re excited to see what the future holds.

Our Core Values

At SiteCare, we live and breathe a vibrant set of core values that go beyond words. These principles drive who we are, what we do, and how we approach every interaction. Think of them as the compass guiding our journey towards excellence, both for ourselves and our clients.

Obsessive Communication

We don’t believe in secrets or sugarcoating. We keep each other in the loop, good news and bad, because radical transparency builds trust and fosters collaboration.

Stick the

When we make a promise, we stick by it. Reliability and dependability are the cornerstones of any successful team member.

Crush the Eggshells

We value honest feedback, open discussions, and constructive criticism. Facing challenges head-on leads to better solutions and a stronger team.

Grow Better

We’re never satisfied with the status quo. We constantly push ourselves and refine our processes, because continuous improvement keeps us ahead of the curve.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

We believe in building a vibrant and diverse team that reflects the richness of the world around us. At SiteCare, we’re cultivating a culture of collaboration, open communication, and mutual respect, where everyone feels safe to share their ideas and perspectives. This inclusive environment allows us to tap into the wealth of talent and experience our diverse team brings, fostering innovation, creativity, and continuous learning. We believe that when everyone feels valued and heard, great things can be achieved.