• Can I use my current Cloudflare account?

    Unfortunately, your current Cloudflare account won’t provide the level of performance and guarantee that our SiteCare plans offer. Our Cloudflare service offers enterprise features unavailable on standard plans. However, we can seamlessly transfer your DNS records from your current account to ours, ensuring a smooth transition.

  • What’s included in your 50+ point diagnostic checklist?

    This onboarding checklist outlines the comprehensive security and performance review we’ll conduct on your website. We’ll check everything from server software versions and file permissions to WordPress core and plugin updates, security configurations, and theme optimization. We’ll also dive into functionality like ecommerce, media files, and user management to ensure everything is working efficiently and securely. By systematically reviewing these areas, we’ll identify potential issues and ensure your website runs at its best.

    Here’s an overview of our diagnostic:

    1. Test web server for security and recent version
    2. Check for most recent PHP version
    3. Check for most recent MySQL version
    4. Confirm proper file/folder permissions
    5. Confirm SSL Certificate is correctly installed with no issues
    6. Review WordPress structures (media and content incorrectly stored)
    7. Analyze WordPress installation size
    8. Check WordPress database size
    9. Test for most recent WordPress version
    10. Confirm the the dashboard file editor is disabled
    11. Remove outdated plugins
    12. Remove unused plugins
    13. Test installed plugins for potential security vulnerabilities
    14. Review existing backup functionality
    15. Remove any plugins duplicating the same functionality
    16. Document custom plugins 
    17. Review the remaining required plugins for conflicts
    18. Document existing security plugins or required security settings
    19. Confirm active licenses for premium plugins
    20. Confirm active licenses for premium themes
    21. Troubleshoot outdated themes
    22. Remove unused themes
    23. Document custom themes and last date of update
    24. Document any theme build files that require updates.
    25. Confirm the use of child themes.
    26. Review and audit Custom Post Types
    27. Audit number of media files for optimization
    28. Audit number of posts 
    29. Audit number of pages
    30. Remove unnecessary users
    31. Audit number of users with Administrator permissions.
    32. Review users with custom permissions.
    33. Document custom login URLs
    34. Review ecommerce functionality
    35. Confirm most recent orders and statuses
    36. Confirm images are properly optimized
    37.  Audit site for malware and report any flags
    38. Check Core Web Vitals scores
    39. Confirm Content Delivery Network configuration
    40. Test caching configuration
    41. Check JavaScript implementation for optimization
    42. Check CSS for optimization
    43. Document plugins used for SEO
    44. Document plugins used for forms
    45. Confirm robots are not being blocked
    46. Review permalink structure
    47. Confirm plugin used for transaction emails
    48. Confirm use of WordPress Block Editor
    49. Confirm WP REST API is restricted to authenticated users
    50. Confirm XML-RPC is restricted to authenticated users
    51. Confirm login attempts are limited to protect against brute force attacks
  • Do all plans have access to a developer?

    Gold, Platinum and Diamond plans have access to submit Support Requests. 

    We recommend that all clients on a legacy SiteCare plan upgrade to a new SiteCare plan to continue to have access to place Support Requests.

  • What’s included in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Support?

    SiteCare can install the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) snippet on your website or add it to your Google Tag Manager container. 

    Custom reporting, analysis, third-party site installations, event tracking triggers, or other advanced configuration requests fall outside our scope of services.

    Please see our partner page for a list of analytics professionals.

  • Do you offer SEO services?

    We are experienced in technical SEO for WordPress websites, helping them climb the search engine ladder. We offer a comprehensive approach, focusing on optimizing your website’s technical foundation to boost your organic traffic and search ranking.

    Here’s how we achieve great technical SEO scores:

    • Website Audit & Scorecard: We start with a free, in-depth SEO audit of your website. We’ll identify key technical issues like broken links, duplicate content, and keyword optimization opportunities. You’ll receive a clear scorecard outlining the findings and the potential impact of addressing them.
    • Expert Optimization: Our experienced SEO specialists will tackle these issues, ensuring your website is technically sound and search engine-friendly.
    • Ongoing Support: We offer recurring Support Bundles to help you maintain your optimized website and adapt to ever-changing search engine algorithms.

    While we excel in technical SEO, we focus solely on that area. However, if needed, we have a network of trusted partners who can assist with link-building campaigns, competitor analysis, and public relations.

    Ready to see your website climb the ranks? Contact us for your free SEO audit and discuss how we can help you achieve your search engine goals.

  • Which plans include an Account Manager?

    Our Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plans offer the personalized touch of a dedicated Account Manager. These skilled professionals become your go-to partners, providing proactive website consultations, ongoing performance monitoring, expert troubleshooting, and regular progress reports.

    By upgrading to a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond plan, you gain a valuable partner invested in your website’s success.

  • What if I have more traffic than your web hosting plans provide?

    We can recommend another hosting partner who supports websites with higher traffic. If you choose from our recommended list of hosting partners, we can still fulfill our Core Web Values promise as long as we manage your domain through our Cloudflare account.

    We currently recommend WP Engine, Kinsta, and Pagely.

  • Do I get a discount if I host my website with someone else?

    We understand some clients have existing hosting preferences. While hosting is included in our plans, there’s no obligation to use it. If you prefer to stick with your current provider, that’s totally fine! However, our Core Web Vitals guarantee requires specific hosting environments to ensure maximum results. While we can still achieve improvements with many other providers, it might not reach its full potential.

  • What if I don’t host my website with you?

    At SiteCare, we’re committed to delivering the best possible website performance. Our Core Web Vitals optimization promise requires hosting with WP Engine, Kinsta, or Pagely. These providers offer top-tier infrastructure specifically optimized for WordPress, allowing us to squeeze the most out of your website’s speed and user experience.

    While we can work with most web hosts, these three partners seamlessly integrate with our optimization tools and share our dedication to WordPress excellence. Choosing one of them guarantees an unbeatable foundation for our powerful optimization techniques.

  • Will you migrate my website for me?

    Yes, we offer free website migration for anyone signing up for an annual SiteCare plan. Our expert team handles the entire process, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition to our platform. This includes:

    • Pre-migration consultation: We’ll discuss your website’s unique needs and requirements to ensure a customized migration approach.
    • Expert data transfer: Our technicians handle the migration process carefully, moving all your website files, content, and databases securely and accurately.
    • Thorough testing and optimization: We perform comprehensive testing to ensure everything works flawlessly on our platform and optimize your website for optimal performance.

    For customers on one of our flexible monthly plans, we offer a one-time migration fee of $600. This service includes all the benefits of the migration process described above.

  • Do you sell web hosting without a SiteCare Plan?

    We no longer offer web hosting without a SiteCare plan. We believe in providing a comprehensive solution for complete website health and success.

  • Why are you offering web hosting?

    We understand the crucial role a good foundation plays in your WordPress site’s health and performance.

    Think of your website like a house. You can have the most beautiful design and fancy features, but if the foundation is weak, cracks will soon appear. That’s where optimized WordPress hosting comes in. It provides the stability and support your site needs to thrive, not just survive.

    Here’s why we decided to offer web hosting:

    • Built for WordPress: We only provide hosting specifically designed for WordPress, ensuring your site runs smoothly and securely.
    • Improved Site Health: Optimized hosting addresses common issues like slow loading times and compatibility problems.
    • Seamless Integration: Our hosting seamlessly integrates with our development services, making managing your site a breeze.
    • Enhanced Performance: Experience faster loading times, better user experience, and improved search engine ranking with optimized hosting.

    By including web hosting in all our SiteCare plans, we’re investing in your success. We want you to focus on creating amazing content and growing your business, while we take care of the technical foundation.

  • What happens if my website exceeds the limits of your hosting?

    We’re proud to offer hosting solutions that can grow with your website’s success. However, there are times when your website might exceed the limits included in our web hosting service. Here’s what to expect in such situations:

    Traffic Overages:

    • If you consistently exceed the 50,000 monthly visit limit, it signifies impressive website growth. Congratulations! We’ll work with you to ensure a smooth transition to a more robust hosting plan with a leading hosting provider like WP Engine, Kinsta, or Pagely. We’ll help you assess your specific needs and budget to recommend the best fit for you.

    Disk Space Overages:

    • We’ll notify you when your disk space usage nears your 25 gigabytes (GB) plan limit. A member of our Account Management Team can help you identify and remove unnecessary files, or we can add additional disk space in 10GB increments for an additional fee.

    Bandwidth overages

    • We monitor your website’s bandwidth usage to ensure optimal performance. High bandwidth usage can sometimes indicate media files that might benefit from compression, alternative hosting, or complete offloading. We’ll reach out if your usage consistently surpasses 200 gigabytes. Together, we’ll identify ways to optimize your media usage, like compression or serving them from services like Amazon S3 or KeyCDN. This way, your site stays speedy without needing to switch to a more expensive web hosting solution.

    Transactional email overages

    • Our plans include a generous allowance for transactional emails (think order confirmations or password resets). If you ever need more, additional blocks of 10,000 emails are available for $20 each per month. We’ll also send you a heads-up when you’re nearing your limit, so you can adjust sending rates or add more emails as needed. Most of our clients use far fewer than 1,000 emails monthly, so this limit offers ample flexibility.

    Transparency and Support:

    • Our goal is to support your website’s growth journey at every stage.
    • We believe in clear communication and will always keep you informed of any potential limits.
    • Feel free to contact our Account Management team for any questions or assistance managing your website’s resources.
  • What’s included in your hosting?

    At SiteCare, we believe exceptional web hosting performance, security, and affordability shouldn’t be reserved for big corporations. That’s why we partnered with top technology providers to offer you enterprise-grade web hosting as part of our SiteCare plans.

    Imagine blazing-fast speed that says goodbye to slow loading times and lost visitors. Our web hosting provider’s robust infrastructure ensures your website runs smoothly, even during peak traffic. Breathe easy knowing your site is protected by unmatched security measures, keeping your data and visitors safe. Enjoy rock-solid reliability with industry-leading uptime guarantees and 24/7 monitoring.

    Here are some of the highlights:

    • Enterprise-level managed WordPress hosting
    • Enterprise-level Cloudflare services
    • WordPress Optimized Platform
    • Staging site
    • 25GB of disk space
    • 50,000 visits each month
    • 200GB of CDN bandwidth each month
    • 10,000 transactional emails each month
  • What happens if my website crashes outside of business hours?

    At SiteCare, we understand that website downtime can be costly, especially outside of business hours (9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time). That’s why we offer a 100% uptime guarantee for SiteCare hosted websites and take proactive measures to keep your WordPress website running smoothly. In the rare event of an unexpected crash (like server issues, software bugs, or external attacks), our experienced team and our upstream providers will be notified immediately and work diligently to get your site back online as soon as possible. 

    Additionally, to show our commitment to your site’s performance, we’ll credit your account with an additional month of your service for any unforeseen downtime. Simply contact our Account Management Team for assistance.

  • What’s included in priority support?

    With priority support, your needs are fast-tracked straight to your dedicated Account Manager. Platinum and Diamond clients receive expert answers within 1 hour during weekday business hours (9 am to 5 pm Eastern time).

    Think of it as having your own personal WordPress concierge ready to tackle your challenges quickly and efficiently. This exclusive service ensures your website stays on track and thriving, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your business.

  • What if my website has a pre-existing issue? Can I pay you for a quick fix without a support plan?

    WordPress requires ongoing care, so we focus on comprehensive care plans instead of individual tasks. However, we know new clients often face existing issues, and our dedicated Account Management team is here to help.

    Upon joining, we’ll promptly address your current website problems after completing our 50+ point onboarding checklist. While resolving pre-existing issues may sometimes involve additional fees, we’ll always prioritize the most cost-effective and complete solution, keeping your budget in mind.

    Plus, you’re covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee to try our service with complete peace of mind.

  • What if my website is running custom plugins?

    We understand that some websites rely on custom plugins to achieve specific functionalities. While these aren’t as common as public or licensed plugins, we appreciate their importance.

    Our SiteCare plans support core WordPress functionality and widely used plugins. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include support for custom plugins due to their unique code and varying complexities.

    For support with your custom plugins, 

    1. We offer Support Bundles for custom plugins under a separate support engagement. 
    2. If a third-party developer created your custom plugin, the Plugin Author might offer dedicated support for their plugin.

    While we can’t support custom plugins within the benefits of our SiteCare plans, we hope these alternative suggestions help you find the assistance you need.

  • What’s the SiteCare Score, and how will it improve my Site Health?

    Just like a car, your website needs regular checkups and maintenance to run smoothly and safely. That’s where the SiteCare Score comes in. It’s like a personalized report card for your WordPress website, highlighting areas where it shines and potential problems you might not even know about.

    Here’s how it works:

    • It scans your website for over 50 common issues like security vulnerabilities, outdated software, slow loading times, and more.
    • It assigns a score from 0 to 100, with 100 being the healthiest. This score gives you a quick snapshot of your website’s overall health.
    • It provides actionable recommendations to fix identified issues and improve your score.

    A healthy website is faster, more secure, and more user-friendly, leading to:

    • Increased traffic and engagement: Visitors are more likely to stay on a fast and secure website.
    • Improved search engine ranking: Google loves healthy websites!
    • Greater peace of mind: Knowing your website is in top shape reduces stress and potential security risks.

    With the SiteCare Score, you have a clear roadmap to website health. Our account management team is skilled in helping you get closer to that perfect 100.

  • What’s included in a content edit?

    Our content edits let you focus on what you do best while we handle the updates quickly and easily. We can:

    • Fix typos and grammatical errors: Give your content a clean and polished look.
    • Update text, images, and videos: Refresh outdated information or swap visuals for a new look.
    • Adjust headings, paragraphs, and captions: Improve clarity and flow for better user experience.
    • Optimize meta descriptions: Boost your search engine ranking with targeted descriptions.

    Remember, content edits have some limitations:

    • We can’t modify website code, so complex layout changes aren’t included.
    • We work with existing layouts but can duplicate them if needed.

    Need more than a 30-minute edit? If your project requires more extensive changes, our Account Management team will happily provide a quote to ensure the best possible outcome. Just share the details with us, and we’ll guide you through the process.

  • What’s a Quick Fix?

    A Quick Fix is a task that takes about 15 minutes for our Account Managers to complete. Our Account Managers are WordPress professionals who can help you get small tasks done quickly. Many clients use these requests for installing and configuring plugins, configuring forms, resolving notices, and troubleshooting display issues. When a Quick Fix can’t be resolved within 15 minutes, one of our Account Managers will discuss possible solutions with you.

  • What if I want to manage my own DNS?

    To deliver on our Core Web Vitals promise, your domain name must point to our nameservers.  We’ll happily make any DNS changes for you at no charge with a Quick Fix. We cannot guarantee good Core Web Vitals scores without using our domain name servers.

  • Do you build new websites or custom plugins?

    While we specialize in WordPress support and performance optimization, we understand you might need help with building a new website or developing custom plugins.

    Visit our Partners page for experienced professionals.

  • Do you provide web design?

    While we specialize in WordPress support and performance optimization, we understand you might need help with custom design services.

    Visit our Partners page for experienced professionals.

  • How much does web development cost?

    WordPress web development services are part of our Professional Services program. Here’s how it works:

    • Free estimates: Get a clear understanding of your project’s scope and cost before committing.
    • Free Quick Fixes: Enjoy minor fixes and adjustments at no charge.
    • Free Content Edits: Let our team help with your content changes. 
    • Flexible Support Requests: Support Requests are priced at $189 per hour.
    • Convenient Support Bundles: Pre-pay for website work in 5-hour blocks for more significant or ongoing needs.

    Exclusive Discounts: Gold Plan clients receive 10% off Support Bundles. Platinum and Diamond Plan clients enjoy 15% off Support Bundles.

  • What if I need development work done?

    We have rich experience working with existing websites and won’t pressure you into rebuilding from scratch. There are cases when starting over becomes necessary, but at SiteCare, we embrace the “noble art of maintenance.” Once your website is healthy, we can help you extend it by making adjustments, adding new templates, building custom blocks, refactoring outdated code, and implementing new features. Development work is delivered via Support Requests, which you can read more about in this FAQ.

    We don’t build custom integrations with third-party services or APIs such as CRMs or payment gateways. We work best when tasks or projects require fewer than 40 hours to complete. The majority of our development tasks take fewer than 20 hours to complete. If a request you bring to us is too large in scope for our team, we’ll connect you with one of our trusted partners.

    While we excel at tackling most website tasks that take less than 40 hours to complete, those requiring more extensive work might be better suited for a specialized partner. We have a network of trusted partners ready to take on larger projects, and we’ll happily connect you with the perfect fit for your needs.

  • How long do you keep backups of my website?

    Your website is always protected with secure backups. We keep 3-month backups of your WordPress files and database, stored offsite for extra security. So if anything happens, we can quickly restore your site and get you back online with minimal downtime.

  • What happens if a WordPress update breaks my site?

    We’ll pinpoint the exact code causing the issue and safely restore your site to its last stable state, minimizing downtime and data loss. If a simple rewind isn’t enough, our skilled developers will dive deeper for a permanent solution, ensuring future updates run smoothly. To prevent update woes entirely, consider our Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plans. These plans include testing updates on a separate site first, meticulous comparisons to catch visual changes, and thorough functionality tests for ultimate peace of mind.

  • Do you offer discounts for multiple websites?

    We understand the challenges of handling several websites. For clients with 10 or more websites, we can create a tailored plan that offers a cost-effective solution. Contact us to discuss your requirements and explore how we can optimize your website management.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    While we don’t offer free trials at SiteCare, we firmly believe in providing a seamless and personalized onboarding experience to ensure your website receives optimal care from the outset. Instead of a trial, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to explore our services risk-free for a month. If, within that period, you’re not fully satisfied with the results, we’ll provide a complete refund.

    Our commitment to exceptional onboarding stems from our conviction that it establishes a solid foundation for long-term website success.

  • Which plan is right for me?

    To help you decide what SiteCare plan is best for you, here are the questions to ask yourself:

    • What is your website’s budget?
    • Do you need ongoing support and guidance?
    • Is website performance a top priority?
    • Does your website require regular updates and development work?

    By considering these factors and the plan details, you can confidently choose the SiteCare plan that best suits your specific needs and goals.

    SiteCare Silver Plan

    • Perfect for peace-of-mind protection.
    • Ideal for websites not actively growing but needing WordPress maintenance, security, and backups.
    • Best for those who want their website to run smoothly without constant maintenance overhead.

    SiteCare Gold Plan

    • Top-notch protection and performance optimizations.
    • Great for websites needing improved Core Web Vitals scores and overall performance.
    • Suitable for those who want expert support and want to see their website thrive.
    • Includes an Account Manager and WordPress developer access.

    SiteCare Platinum and Diamond Plans

    • Ultimate suite for optimization, protection, and support.
    • Ideal for complex websites and businesses needing priority assistance.
    • Offers Endless Quick Fixes, Monthly Reporting, and Priority Support.
    • Best for those seeking comprehensive care and expert guidance to maximize their website’s potential.
  • What am I getting with a SiteCare Plan?

    Our SiteCare plans blend enterprise-level hosting with comprehensive site health, maintenance, and performance optimization services.

    Our commitment:

    • 100% Uptime
    • 100% Site Monitoring
    • 100% Email Delivery
    • Free Hack Repairs
    • Free Site Restores
    • Unlimited Quick Fixes
    • Good Core Web Vitals
    • Our unwavering commitment to your website’s health

    All guarantees require the use of SiteCare’s providers. Click here for a list of guarantees and features with each plan.

  • What are my options if I’m currently on a legacy SiteCare Advanced plan?

    We realize the legacy Advanced SiteCare plan offered specific features and benefits not available in our new SiteCare plans. To ensure a smooth transition to a SiteCare Gold or Platinum plan, we’re offering Advanced SiteCare plan clients a special 2-hour Support Bundle for $200 per month for the next year. 

    After 12 months, the Support Bundle will transition to our current hourly rate.

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