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Web Hosting | WordPress | 33 min read

Best WordPress Hosting Providers in 2020 Compared

Believe it or not, your web host can make or break the success of your WordPress site. 
From loading speed to SEO strength, your web host plays a critical role in how well your site runs, which is why choosing the right web hosting company from the start is crucial.

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Lead Generation | SEO | 5 min read

Why Do Users Search? Search Intent Explained

Your SEO efforts are essential. A key question to bear in mind is: "Why are people searching?" By understanding the visitors' intent to your site via a search engine, you will know where to focus your SEO efforts. Here we'll explain why search intent is critical for SEO, the categories of search intent, and share some best practices for optimizing content for search intent.

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Lead Generation | PPC | SEO | 6 min read

Should I Prioritize SEO or PPC First?

The two most popular digital campaign types, PPC and SEO, are often considered equally important. If this is the case, then where should you start. Here's our insight into each, and when we'd advise you to implement one over the other.

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