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  • Ideal for website owners looking for WordPress support essentials plus a few extra bells and whistles.

    Enterprise Hosting

    SiteCare takes your website to the next level with enterprise-grade web hosting. Our robust platform, built for businesses like yours with demanding needs, empowers you to seamlessly handle traffic surges and data growth. Our comprehensive security measures keep your information safe. Additionally, redundant systems and proactive disaster recovery plans minimize downtime, ensuring your website remains accessible and performing optimally.

    DNS Management

    Our managed DNS service takes the hassle out of domain management, ensuring accuracy and security. Let our experienced Account Managers update your subdomains, email records, and domain pointers so you don’t have to worry.

    Content Delivery Network

    A Content Delivery Network (CDN) speeds up your website by housing copies of your content on servers worldwide. Your users will enjoy a smoother browsing experience as your web pages will load quickly no matter where your visitor is. Our firewall protects your site from hackers and other cyber attacks.

    Daily Remote Backups

    Offsite backups shield your website from disasters, minimizing downtime and ensuring easy recovery. Our cloud backup solution offers peace of mind, security, and compliance.

    WordPress Core Updates

    Updating your WordPress core software is crucial for maintaining a secure and healthy website. Updates often contain critical security patches that fix vulnerabilities and protect your website from malicious attacks, reducing the risk of data breaches and website downtime. WordPress core updates frequently address performance bottlenecks and introduce performance optimizations. The latest WordPress updates introduce new features that can enhance your website’s capabilities. And, very frequently, we find that updating your WordPress core software helps ensure future compatibility with your plugins and themes.

    Automatic Plugin Updates

    Keeping plugins up-to-date is essential, as new versions often include bug fixes, security patches, and added features. We’ll set up your automatic plugin updates, test them, review them, and ensure the new additions don’t damage your website.

    (This does not include eCommerce, membership, forum, or multisite support)

    Theme Updates

    Maintaining a secure and up-to-date WordPress website means keeping your WordPress theme updated with the most current version. Theme updates often include critical security patches that fix vulnerabilities and protect your website from potential threats and can introduce new features that can extend the functionality of your website. And importantly, outdated themes can slow down your website, impacting user experiences and search engine rankings.

    Guaranteed Email Delivery

    SiteCare ensures reliable email delivery for your WordPress website, even for large email volumes. With our robust SMTP integration, you can eliminate the frustration of lost emails and undelivered messages, ensuring your critical communications reach their destination consistently.

    Activity Logging

    Our comprehensive WordPress activity log documents and traces all changes made to your website, along with the user responsible. This invaluable tool empowers you to monitor website modifications, quickly identify the source of potential issues, and help detect suspicious activity.

    Malware Scanning

    We’re constantly scanning our protected sites to identify security vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins, themes, and core files. We automatically deploy virtual patches to mitigate these vulnerabilities until a long-term security patch can be installed.

    Proactive Threat Protection

    We automatically deploy virtual patches to mitigate vulnerabilities until a long-term security patch is released and can be installed.

    Hack Cleanups & Site Restores

    Experiencing a hack or needing to undo changes shouldn’t disrupt your business.

    Rapid Hack Cleanup: In the unfortunate event of a hack, we can swiftly identify and eliminate the threat, restoring your website to its rightful state.

    Instant Backups: Need to rewind? We provide unlimited backups, allowing you to restore your website to a previous, secure point in time.

    Uptime Monitoring

    With 24/7 site monitoring alert services, issues like downtime, performance slowdowns, and security breaches can be identified and addressed swiftly. Know that your website is constantly monitored and protected by our web hosting and security partners.

    Image Optimization

    Images can slow down the performance of any website. Our image optimization service utilizes a global network for image storage and delivers the best image format and size based on device and browser type, ensuring optimal loading speed.

    SiteCare Score Optimization

    We get under your website’s hood to see what’s working and what needs attention, and we’ll perform continuous optimizations to ensure your site always has a clean bill of health.