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Increase the flow of high-quality B2B leads to your sales team.

It’s time to get serious about generating new leads and booking sales conversations. You can’t just sit around waiting and hoping for the perfect prospects to come to you. You have to put yourself out there.

The numbers don’t lie — businesses that are proactive about nurturing their leads see a 20% average increase in sales.

Unfortunately, not many businesses have the resources, time, or experience to run their own outbound lead generation campaign. That’s why it pays to partner with SiteCare. We’ll build a high-quality sales target list for you, craft engaging automated cold email sequences, and deliver new business relationships directly to your inbox.

Target the right prospects

When it comes to booking sales meetings, finding high-quality prospects is half the battle. You need to target the right people and approach them the right way, to stand any chance of booking more sales meetings.

We don’t want you wasting your time chasing the wrong prospects, which is why our prospectors conduct highly targeted prospect research to ensure that we are delivering a list with only the most relevant and fresh contacts. We like to call it “YES list” because we want you to go “Yes, yes, and yes. I want all of these people in the list as clients!”


Bring warmth to cold emails

We’ve all received a bunch of really awkward, terribly written cold emails before (“Dear Sir/Madam, we offer you best price on software development services.”), but the fact is that cold emails don’t always have to be so … cold.

Our copywriters have mastered the art of writing warm, engaging copy for email campaigns, and we have a number of different email formulas and sequences we’ve built and tested that continue to deliver successful results for ourselves and our clients.

Seamlessly integrate with your CRM

As much as you might like to use your email inbox as a to-do list, a little redundancy never hurt anyone. If a prospect responds to your email and you’ve started an email conversation with them, having a CRM in place to track your leads prevents any potential sales from inadvertently falling through the cracks.

We can automatically import all positive replies as leads into your CRM system of choice — Pipedrive,, HubSpot, Copper, Trello, Google Sheets, you name it.


Optimize for continuous success

We continuously monitor email replies, adjust subject lines, test different messaging, and generally do everything we can to increase the number of positive replies to you. Each week, we generating more prospects, optimize your messaging, and send new emails so that you can enjoy a steady stream of new business prospects.

Clean, verify, and enrich your email list

As your email list grows over time, the quality of your data inevitably deteriorates as subscriber information becomes outdated or stale. That’s where our list cleaning and data enrichment services come in.

List cleaning

With our email list cleaning and verification service, we help boost your email deliverability and increase the ROI of your email campaigns by scrubbing your email list of any low-quality and invalid email addresses.

Data enrichment

Our data enrichment service maximizes the quality of your email list by seeking out more information about your subscribers, including their full name, job title, company, or LinkedIn profile. This additional data allows you to further personalize and segment your email list.


How it works

SiteCare’s email lead generation services get your name, your brand, and your services in front of your ideal clients so you can book more (and better) sales meetings.

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1. Kick-off call and strategy guide

Following an in-depth discovery call, the client receives a custom-tailored strategy guide that outlines the specific needs and goals of the campaign.

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2. Email sequence and list creation

SiteCare begins assembling a list of high-value prospects and crafting a custom email sequence that speaks directly to the client’s target audience.

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3. Email delivery setup and testing

After setting up software to send emails on the client’s behalf, the email sequence is tested in various email clients and against multiple spam filters to help ensure a smooth launch.

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4. Lead management and optimization

Once the campaign launches, emails are sent to prospects to invite them to a specific call to action, and any responses are tracked and synchronized within the client’s CRM. SiteCare’s lead generation team continues to test and improve the email sequence each month and expand the list of email prospects.

What our clients say

Real results

Case studies and kind words about the work we do are great, but there’s nothing quite as powerful as seeing the actual results. Here are real email replies from prospects we delivered to our customers:

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Email lead generation FAQ

  • How do you build prospect lists? Do you buy lists?

    We start by getting crystal clear on who your ideal client is — their business type, job title, company size, location, etc. Once we have that information, we assign a dedicated prospector to you, who ventures out to hunt for your ideal client’s contact details. And no, we do not buy lists due to their poor accuracy rate. We don’t want to waste our clients’ time with low-quality leads.

  • Do you use a third-party service to deliver emails?

    No, we send our emails through your email account. Because all emails we send are sent from your email address, you’ll even see them in your “Sent” folder.

  • Why is it important to clean up my email list?

    Cleaning up your email list improves the deliverability rate of your emails and strengthens your domain’s reputation by decreasing bounce rates, increasing open and click rates, and reducing spam complaints. Purging your list of unengaged subscribers also empowers you with more accurate reporting data and can even save you money if your email marketing service charges you per subscriber.

  • How often should I clean up my email list?

    Generally, we recommend scrubbing your email list every year to get rid of any invalid email addresses and potentially remove email addresses that haven’t opened any of your emails in the past 6 months.

  • Do “out-of-office” replies count as replies or bounces in a cold email outreach campaign?

    • An out-of-office reply is automated and can be sent for various reasons that wouldn’t count as a bounce or a reply. A bounce occurs when the email couldn’t be delivered for whatever reason – an out-of-office is actually a confirmation that someone has received the email; they just haven’t been able to read it.
    • Keep tabs on these auto-replies and take note of when they occur most often. An out-of-office isn’t a stop sign, though! In fact, it would be a good idea to channel these replies into a follow-up flow, allowing you a second (and third) chance of reaching someone who hasn’t seen your email yet and is likely returning to an overflowing inbox after their mid-year break.

  • Where do you find the prospects?

    Our team largely finds prospects using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

  • What happens when a prospect replies?

    • When a prospect replies, we ask that you keep the reply in your inbox for 24 hours so that our software can pick up the reply and remove the prospect from the sequence, ensuring that they no longer receive any more emails. Clients can then take over the conversation and reply to the prospect like any other email. From here on, it is up to the client to foster the conversation with the prospect.
    • If a prospect responds negatively, unfortunately, this is part and parcel of cold emailing. It will happen. We recommend just leaving the reply in your inbox for 24 hours so that our software can pick up the reply and remove the prospect from the sequence, ensuring that they no longer receive any more emails, and not responding. Once a prospect has responded, and the reply has been left in the inbox for 24 hours, that is the end of the campaign for them and they will no longer receive any communications

  • What is the difference between email drip campaigns and cold email campaigns?

    Both types of campaigns have the same goal: getting the customer from their current point into a stage where they’re accepting your meeting request and using your service or product.

    The key difference is that the email drip campaign customer opted into your subscriber list, while the cold email campaign audience consists of leads you seek out.

  • What is the difference between a domain name and an IP address?

    A domain name is the website name that online users type into a browser to access a website on the internet. SiteCare’s domain name, for example, is

    Web browsers need these domain names to be translated into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses so that machines can connect and interact with each other across the internet. To be understood by other machines, IP addresses are numerical (made up of a string of numbers) and difficult to memorize, which is why domain names were created instead.

    The internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) is a directory that holds records of all existing website domain names and their matching IP addresses to find resources (like web pages) online.

  • Email lead generation glossary


    B2B, short for “business-to-business,” is a business model that sells to other businesses instead of typical individual consumers.

    Customer acquisition cost (CAC)

    Customer acquisition cost, or CAC, measures how much you’re spending per customer by dividing total money spent on marketing and sales by the amount of acquired customers.

    Customer relationship management (CRM)

    A CRM, which stands for customer relationship management, is an application that manages the data and interactions of a business’ customers and prospects.

    Call-to-action (CTA)

    A CTA is a feature that prompts a user to a conversion action.

    Click-through rate (CTR)

    Click-through rate describes the percentage of people who see an ad or post and click on it.

    Email automation

    Email automation is a strategy of using an automated process in the optimization and targeting of emails.

    Email bounce rate

    Email bounce rate is the rate at which emails, for whatever reason, are unable to be delivered.

    Email list data enrichment

    Email list data enrichment provides information about the people whose emails are on your list, such as geographical location, social media profiles, and job title.

    Email list scrubbing

    Email list scrubbing removes emails from your subscriber list whose users do not engage with the email content.

    Email list verification

    Email list verification is the determination that emails on a list are valid and will not bounce.

    Inbound marketing

    Inbound marketing is a strategy that prioritizes drawing customers in, rather than reaching out to them.


    A lead is a potential customer who shares their information, such as contact or demographics.

    Lead generation campaign

    A lead generation campaign is an effort to acquire leads by generating interest in a product or service.

    Outbound marketing

    The opposite of inbound marketing, reaching out to customers as opposed to drawing them in.


    A prospect is a lead that has taken a deeper step into the sales funnel

    Sales funnel

    A sales funnel is the process that guides a visitor to follow through with a purchase.

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