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Simplify WordPress site updates

Neglecting to update your WordPress site promptly doesn’t just open your site up to security vulnerabilities and software instability.

It also means you end up missing out on new features and performance upgrades that enhance your WordPress experience.

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Keep your core, plugins, and theme in tip-top shape

As WordPress maintenance experts, we know how overwhelming the process of updating a WordPress site can be for the average website owner. There are so many moving parts to keep track of, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it only takes one mistake to break your site altogether.

Your WordPress site contains three types of software — core files, plugins, and a theme — all of which require regular updates to ensure continued compatibility and security. With a WordPress support plan from SiteCare, we manage updates for all three.

Core updates

WordPress core files are the foundation upon which all WordPress websites are built. Your site’s core files govern the basic functionality and appearance of your website and administrative interface. The team of developers that are responsible for building and maintaining the WordPress core software release regular updates and patches throughout the year to address security and maintenance issues, as well as introduce exciting new features and performance upgrades. Timely WordPress core updates help ensure that your site’s foundation remains stable.


Plugin updates

Plugins are small pieces of open-source software that extend the functionality of your WordPress site. Plugins exist for many purposes — search engine optimization, external site backups, form building, anti-spam protection, lead generation, and the list goes on. There are thousands of plugins to choose from out there, and the more plugins you install, the more crucial it is to update and audit your collection regularly to ensure all of your software remains compatible. Regular WordPress plugin updates help prevent functionality failures, security risks, and fatal site errors.

Theme updates

Composed of page templates and stylesheets, your WordPress theme software determines the visual appearance of your website. Just like any software, your WordPress theme needs to be properly maintained to ensure it “plays nicely” with your site’s core files and plugins. If your site is using a licensed theme, it’s essential to renew your license every year so that you can continue to receive updates and support from the theme’s developer. When you partner with us for managing your WordPress theme updates, we help you take care of everything.


What our clients say

How we manage your WordPress website updates

1. We have a foolproof process for safe WordPress updates.

Worried that you will break your site if you try to update your WordPress site on your own?

After years of administering managed WordPress update services for hundreds of websites, our WordPress experts know the safest steps to take to upgrade your core, plugin, and theme software — all while keeping your site intact and functioning like usual.

2. We back up your site before pushing any updates live.

Before we roll out any updates to your plugins, theme, or core software, we back up your site files with our reliable cloud backup solution.

If something on your site stops working after a software update, we can quickly restore a pre-update version of your site using your backup files.

We then work with you to diagnose the root of the incompatibility and identify the best way to fix the problem so that you can move forward with updating your site safely.

3. We test out any major updates using a staging environment.

Site backups are useful redundancies that allow you to turn back the clock on bad WordPress updates, but they also offer preventative measures.

For significant WordPress updates, we can use your backed up site files to generate a staging environment, which is a clone of your website hosted on a private URL that gives you the space to test site changes before pushing them to your live, public URL.

4. We recommend replacements for abandoned plugins.

A plugin becomes “abandoned” when its developer stops releasing updates for it.

If you find yourself relying on an abandoned plugin, we can provide recommendations for similar plugins that not only offer the same functionality but also receive regular software updates from a reputable developer.

Keep your site running safely and smoothly

SiteCare’s managed WordPress updates empower business owners to focus on what they do best and leave the nitty-gritty details of maintaining a website to our team of WordPress experts.

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