How Our Maintenance Reports Help Your Site and Your Peace of Mind

Our monthly Maintenance reports are designed to bring clarity and peace of mind to our clients by highlighting all the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes.

Have you ever wondered what our SiteCare maintenance and support experts get up to each month to maintain and secure your WordPress site? We tell you we are hard at work behind the scenes on the inner workings of your website: security issues are flagged before they become problems, and we conduct important plugin and software updates without hiccups. But because the more technical aspects of maintaining a WordPress site are complicated and often hard to describe, you may have wondered, “What am I actually paying for?” 

We hear you: reporting our monthly services is important. We want to bring you clarity and offer you peace of mind about how we’re keeping your site in good health. Starting June 30th, our SiteCare Core, Plus, and Advanced clients can expect to receive a detailed Maintenance Report logging the major services we’ve provided them over the previous month. 

What Does the WordPress Maintenance Report Include?

Join us on your WordPress site’s health journey and better understand the critical work we’re doing to help your most valuable online asset succeed. Our Maintenance Report will highlight upcoming initiatives or events that could impact your site.

Each monthly Maintenance Report will provide a quick overview of your website’s health: 

  • Our team will measure your website’s speed and performance using Google’s PageSpeed benchmark, awarding a score out of 100.
  • We will provide a high-level performance summary, which includes additional information on your site speed score, load time, and number of requests made by your site.
  • We will also record any WordPress core, theme, or plugin updates we’ve completed, so you can be confident your website is running the latest or best version of everything. 
  • Backups are crucial insurance for a website. Our Maintenance Report will record the number, frequency, and size of backups taken, along with a log of backup dates. 

This valuable initiative is available exclusively to our SiteCare plan clients. Our SiteCare plans are the best WordPress maintenance and support solution for clients looking for peace of mind. They also include hands-on and rapid customer support and regular security scanning. 

If you’d like to learn more about our monthly Maintenance Reports, or if you’re interested in signing up for a SiteCare plan, complete the form via this link to contact us.

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