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Our Refer-a-Friend program means our WordPress clients get to share news of their success with friends, and earn credits for themselves, and those they refer.

by Olivia Maurel

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How often have we done it: found an excellent restaurant, read a page-turning novel, watched a movie that captivated us, and then referred it to our friends? But, this transaction, while collaborative, doesn’t yield a reward beyond the satisfaction of knowing that our friends will enjoy something we recommend. SiteCare’s Refer-a-Friend program is different. 

We’re so proud of our work at SiteCare that we’re confident our clients will want to share their success with their friends. These successes come packaged in figures such as a 181% growth in organic traffic to a successful lifestyle blog site. That’s impressive! Or how about a 54% increase in organic clicks to a top-rated travel blogging site in one year? Whatever the industry or growth objective, our work rewards our clients with the desired results. 

What is SiteCare’s Refer-A-Friend program?

Well, who doesn’t love a success story? With such positive results, we figured our clients might want to share their path to success with their friends. So we decided to make our services available to our clients’ contacts and friends at a reduced cost. 

Through our program, we’ll help your friends understand how best to grow their business online and give them the roadmap to their own WordPress, SEO, or digital marketing success. 

We’re especially excited to connect with branding and creative agencies, PR agencies, hosting companies, B2B manufacturing companies, home services, and retail and e-commerce businesses. 

How Does the Referral Program Work?

Some things are best kept simple. All you need to do to refer friends to SiteCare’s services is fill out this quick form on our referral page or introduce us to them by emailing your contacts and cc-ing us at [email protected]. We’ll do the rest!

What’s In It For Me?

As it turns out, a lot! Clients who recommend their contacts will receive account credits, cash, or donations to their favorite charities for each new reference. Plus, your friends will also receive $100 as bonus credit to welcome them on board. So, it’s a win-win. 

Wait, There’s More!

You’re just in time. There’s just one week left to enter our refer-a-friend competition! Refer as many friends as you can between now and March 31st, and you stand a chance to win a bespoke prize curated just for you. Don’t forget to submit their details online or email [email protected] and CC your friend in the message.

As this quarter draws to a close, we look forward to offering excellent and consistent services to you and your friends and growing businesses the only way we know how: by going the extra mile to invest in the performance and success of your WordPress sites.

If you’d like to find out more about our referral program, you can contact one of our team here

Olivia Maurel

Olivia is SiteCare's SEO Copywriter. She has over seven years of experience in writing and communications in various industries, from education to travel. Olivia loves a good research challenge and is obsessed with producing high-level copy and content on any subject. Currently based in Mauritius, she enjoys heading to the beach, creating new recipes, and planning the next overseas adventure.

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