Best WordPress Hosting Providers in 2020 Compared

by Ryan Sullivan | | 33 min read

Believe it or not, your web host can make or break the success of your WordPress site. 
From loading speed to SEO strength, your web host plays a critical role in how well your site runs, which is why choosing the right web hosting company from the start is crucial.

So, how do you know if you’re making the right choice? We can help. As top WordPress experts in our industry, we at SiteCare know a thing or two about how to choose the best WordPress hosting provider.

In this comprehensive article, we used a series of rigorous tests and qualitative evaluations to uncover which WordPress web hosting providers are leading the pack in performance, uptime, customer support, and overall ease-of-use.

We reviewed 15 hosting providers in all, and through these evaluations, we’re excited to share our pick for the overall best WP hosting provider, as well as our top recommendations for budget-friendly options and the best option for developers. (You’ll also get a good idea of which companies to avoid.)

Top 5 WordPress hosting providers at a glance

  • http://Trophy%20icon

    Overall Best WordPress Hosting


    Flywheel stood out among the competition with outstanding high performance benchmarks, 100% uptime during the 60 days we ran our tests, solid customer support, and a very easy-to-use customer portal with advanced functionality that didn’t feel overwhelming.

    Flywheel Tiny Plan

    • $13.00 per month hosting plan
    • 5,000 Monthly Visits
    • 5GB of Disk Space
    • 20 GB of Bandwidth
    • Free SSL Certificate via LetsEncrypt
    • CDN provided by Fastly
  • http://Credit%20cards

    Best Budget WordPress Hosting


    GreenGeeks Hosting showed phenomenal performance at a very reasonable price point. Their commitment to being eco-friendly at this great value is another reason to look to GreenGeeks if you’d like to have a fast website without breaking the bank.

    • $2.95 per month
    • Unlimited Storage
    • Wildcard SSL Included
    • Proprietary PowerCacher Included
  • Most User-Friendly Hosting Setup


    Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, SiteGround hosting came onto the WordPress hosting scene and started to make an impact around 2012. Their platform has experienced significant growth and matured in lots of ways, providing really nice tools to WordPress website owners and a very quick path for getting a site up and running quickly.

    • $5.95 per month
    • 25,000 monthly visitors
    • 20 GB SSD Storage
    • Unmetered Traffic
    • Free SSL Certificate via LetsEncrypt
    • SiteGround Supercacher
    • Easy WordPress Installation
    • CDN Included
  • http://Wallet

    Another Great Budget-Friendly Host


    Inmotion Hosting had a very strong showing at a reasonably low price point. At roughly half the cost of Flywheel, it stood up to the test with very respectable performance times and uptime and customer service that were definitely within acceptable ranges.

    • $6.99 per month hosting plan
    • 20,000 monthly visitors
    • 40 GB SSD Storage
    • Free CDN Included
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Staging Environment Included
  • http://Web%20design%20and%20development

    Best Hosting for Developers

    WP Engine

    What really sets WP Engine apart from the pack is its robust set of developer tools, including the ability to create dedicated servers for development and staging automatically for each site on your plan. WP Engine also sets the bar for customer support among all the hosts that we evaluated.

    • $25.00 per month
    • 25,000 monthly visitors
    • 10 GB SSD Storage
    • WordPress Staging Environments
    • Free SSL Certificate via LetsEncrypt
    • 50 GB Bandwidth via Global CDN

What Makes a GREAT WordPress Host?

Great hosting is made up of five key components. Over the years we’ve evaluated dozens of WP Hosting providers. We’ve seen hosting fads and features come and go, but there are five factors that are as important now as they were in the early days of WordPress.

1. Reliability

Having a Web Hosting Provider you can trust is crucial. Having a fast website is nice but becomes less important if your website is regularly crashing or offline. When your website is down, your business and earning potential are too. Even if your customers or visitors get frustrated with slower load times, they’ll have a bit more patience than if the website is completely unreachable.

When evaluating a web host, an uptime goal to reach for is what’s known as five nines, or 99.999% uptime (also known as High Availability). This isn’t commonly met by any WordPress hosts across all their clients, but it is something to strive for. If you’re seeing weekly or even monthly downtime on your website, it’s time to start shopping for something more reliable.

2. Performance

How fast your website loads is also vitally important. Beyond providing a great experience for your website visitors, Google has also begun factoring their PageSpeed algorithm into search engine rankings. That said, do you need a content delivery network? How many PHP workers is sufficient? Do you need a dedicated server or will cloud hosting solutions be enough?

Navigating the WordPress performance landscape can feel overwhelming but suffice it to say that if you’re running an online store the speed (or lack thereof) of your website will directly impact your total sales. We want to help you find the best and most consistent WordPress hosting performance so you can delight visitors, rank well in search engines, and build your online business.

Even the most well-structured and planned hosting infrastructure can still show cracks every now and again. The internet as a whole can be fragile at times and we all end up needing to submit support requests occasionally. A hosting partner with a knowledgeable and speedy support team can be the difference between constant frustration and peace of mind.

Even when things don’t go as planned, or there’s an unexpected outage, you can feel in control and know things will be ok when you have a trusted WordPress Support team who proactively communicates and puts together creative solutions on the fly.

3. Support

Even the most well-structured and planned hosting infrastructure can still show cracks every now and again. The internet as a whole can be fragile at times and we all end up needing to submit support requests occasionally. A hosting partner with a knowledgeable and speedy support team can be the difference between constant frustration and peace of mind.

Even when things don’t go as planned, or there’s an unexpected outage, you can feel in control and know things will be ok when you have a trusted Support team who proactively communicates and puts together creative solutions on the fly.

4. Ease of Use

You shouldn’t need to be making changes with your web host regularly, but when you do, it’s nice to be able to perform administrative tasks quickly and more efficiently. Many hosting companies now provide a dashboard that’s put together well and helps you do things like assign domains, create backups, create staging environments, install SSL certificates, and reset passwords.

Each hosting company includes dashboards at varying degrees of quality, and some use stock dashboards like cPanel or Plesk to give system administration control to hosting account owners. If you are someone who enjoys tinkering or are a power user of sorts, the Ease of Use component becomes a very important piece of the equation.

5. Pricing

Finding the most affordable or cheapest web host means you’re likely sacrificing one of the other hosting pillars, but the reality is the cost is always a factor in our decision making.

If a hosting provider’s main value proposition is the lowest price, you can expect the reliability, performance, ease of use, and support are likely going to let you down. We recommend finding a few providers that score high in those areas and then using price as a tiebreak to determine which web host is going to give you the most bang for your buck.

Our WordPress Hosting Evaluation Process

Because we’re obsessed with informing buyers and helping them make educated decisions, we’ve compiled a huge amount of data and simplified it into one massive resource that takes into account the reliability, performance, support, ease of use, and pricing of some of the most popular WordPress hosting companies.

Choosing Web Hosts to Evaluate

We included both shared WordPress hosting providers and managed WordPress hosting providers in our web hosting comparison. We did not evaluate free WordPress hosting options (such as, but we did take a thorough look at some of the most popular hosting options. We gauge popularity from the hosting providers we see our clients use, conversations with industry colleagues, and social trends we follow.

The price points of the hosting providers we evaluated start as low as $6 per month and go up to $50 per month on the high end.

There are still a number of hosts that we plan to evaluate that aren’t included in this resource yet. We’ll add them as we collect sufficient data for our readers to make informed decisions.

Testing Each WordPress Host

We’ve run our own independent benchmarks on our own hosting accounts using Pingdom and Google Pagespeed for measurements to keep everything consistent. We also account for geographical distance differences by running all tests from the location nearest the data center where the hosting account is located.

We’ve been running persistent tests for over a year on many WordPress hosts, and for at least 30 days on every host that you’ll find in this article. We want to see how these web hosts perform over time because that paints the most accurate picture.

All of the hosting accounts and services used for testing were purchased by us and in most cases without the hosts knowing that we were conducting tests (the exceptions were because we encountered some type of setup issue and had to contact support for guidance).

Publishing Our Findings

To share the findings of our web hosting review process, we decided to emulate the Wirecutter approach so that we could uncover the web hosting provider that is best for most people. (You’ll also get a good idea of which web hosting companies to avoid.)

The 2020 WordPress Hosting Reviews

Final Thoughts: Which Web Hosting Company is Right for You?

Here are some of our key takeaways after evaluating all of these WordPress hosting packages:+ Today’s website hosting landscape is highly competitive, which is great for 

  • Flywheel is indeed the best hosting provider for most people. Individuals 
 and small businesses will find tremendous value in what they have to offer, 
 and their hosting platform is truly a joy to use.
  • WP Engine is the best web hosting service for developers of this testing 
 group. WP Engine’s tools and support are both phenomenal.
  • Inmotion Hosting and GreekGeeks are both fantastic, budget-friendly 
 hosting options.
  • Bluehost was a disappointment. Lackluster support team and mediocre
 performance aren’t what I would have expected from the most expensive
 hosting option.

Which WordPress hosting companies are you loving now? Who did we leave out that we can include in our next update? Hit us up in the comments, we are always looking for new WordPress hosting plans to review!

Need More Guidance on Choosing a WordPress Host?

If you’re still having trouble deciding which hosting company is best for your website and business needs, the WordPress experts at SiteCare are here to help. Whether you run an eCommerce site, deal with high traffic bursts, or manage a membership website, someone from our team can point you in the right direction. Get in touch with us today.

    Is there anything about your website that may be considered a special case?


  • Dusan 2 years ago

    No KINSTA (!? Really!? They are, like, THE BEST of all of those on the list!

    • Ryan Sullivan 2 years ago

      Dusan this is a first iteration. There are so many choices and we had to start somewhere. We’re going to keep updating this article every few months. Kinsta is definitely on our radar!

      • Ahmad Awais 2 years ago

        Ryan, nice review — couple really great choices here.

        But yes, you gotta include Kinsta in there. I stand behind that hosting company. The support offered by Kinsta is just amazing, it’s probably the best in the WP Community. I’ve seen a massive (~200%) speed and hence traffic/SERP improvement just by moving to Kinsta.

        Let me know if you’d like to chat about Kinsta. And no, I have no affiliation with them. I am just a happy supporter of their platform. I don’t work for Kinsta.

        Peace! ✌️

        • Ryan Sullivan 2 years ago

          Really appreciate the insight Ahmad! We keep hearing lots of good things 🙂

  • Torben Heikel Vinther 2 years ago

    You can’t be serious! It is correct that there are many hosting choices out there, but Kinsta has been there a long time enough to prove that they are at least as good as FlyWheel (if not better) and way better than WPengine. But maybe you just want to give the other children in the class a head start before Kinsta raises the bar 😉

    • Ryan Sullivan 2 years ago

      All in due time, Torben 🙂 Kinsta is definitely on our radar and we’ll likely be adding them in a future update!

  • Dan 2 years ago

    I really can’t take this seriously until you add Kinsta. It’s such an obvious inclusion that my first thought was that other affiliate programs must pay more, or someone at your company has personal beef with Kinsta, or one of the other companies that go head to head with Kinsta (Flywheel, WP Engine) is paying you to not include them. All of these sound unlikely but not including Kinsta is like reviewing fast food chains and missing out McDonalds and then saying “well there’s lots of fast food chains”. Sure but come on…

    • Ryan Sullivan 2 years ago

      Hey Dan, appreciate the feedback! I don’t know that I agree with the Kinsta/McDonalds analogy. Kinsta is still relatively new in the space compared to a lot of these providers. But we will include them in a future update! None of your other suspicions are accurate.

  • David Innes 2 years ago

    I really appreciate that you didn’t just review the dirt-cheapest shared options. Thank you! On the other hand it’s a little chaotic trying to make sense of the apples-to-oranges approach. Plus, I guess, you didn’t choose Kinsta. Which I’m sure is also a fine product even though I’ve never heard three people independently and exclusively endorse it before.

    On the other hand at one point you said “We didn’t really evaluate specific features of each host this time around, but in that regard, WP Engine really stands apart from its competitors.” I can’t say I’m very excited by WPEngine’s interface and I’ve been noticing a decline in performance from them over the last year or so vs. clients on other hosting platforms.

    • Ryan Sullivan 2 years ago

      Great thoughts and thanks for sharing your experience with WP Engine too, David. The nice thing about this article is that it’s going to be a living/breathing thing which we’ll update often. We’ve got lots of great plans for it in the future! When hosts improve or fall behind, we’ll make sure that’s clear here 🙂

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    I am digital marketing expert and i have 3 website that hosted on bluehost. all site working fine with great support..

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      Good to hear it, Mike!

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    • Ryan Sullivan 2 years ago

      Thank you for the kind words, Aamir. We’ll keep it up!

  • Muhammad Waqas 2 years ago

    Inmotion is one of worst hosting when it comes to support. I used their service twice and left twice in tears. “Often” their hosting goes down for hours and they don’t even bother to respond and its their culture.

    • Ryan Sullivan 2 years ago

      Interesting. Really appreciate the feedback Muhammad!

  • Luke Cavanagh 2 years ago

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    • Ryan Sullivan 2 years ago

      They’re on our radar, Luke 😉

  • Richa Agrwal 2 years ago

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    Bellan 2 years ago

    Thank you for the thorough article, Ryan! It’s true that every customer has specific requirements and needs. That’s why one host may be perfect for one client, while another host may be good for another person. There are people, who look for quality services at an affordable price, while others prefer to give more money but to get fully managed hosting solutions. As an owner of a relatively average-sized business, I am currently using a WordPress shared hosting plan by BGOcloud. This solution turned out to be perfect for me, as it not only includes plenty of great features, but the price of the plan is very attractive as well.

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    Alex Furfaro 2 years ago

    Siteground has been my number one go to hosting for the last 2 years. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed a website go down, great tools for optimizing page speed, a Free SSL and support that helps me fix my issues typically under 15 minutes.

    I couldn’t recommend them more but… I’m going to have to check out a few new ones mentioned here because of your reviews. Customer Service is usually the deciding factor for me since I’m usually working on server type tasks in off-peak hours to not disturb client sites. We’ll see how things go with Flywheel and iThemes.

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    Good to see inmotion in this list, I am using Inmotion hosting from a long time and In terms of customer support it’s really good for bloggers or a business owner.

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