SiteCare Supports Global Charities Through Staff Recognition Program

Contributing to the communities where we live is just one way that SiteCare demonstrates its core value system. We've found a fun and easy way to support local charities across the four continents where we live, work and play — because we #care. Read more here.

by Drew Barton

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Last quarter, the SiteCare team helped raise $1,400 in bonus rewards for over a dozen charities on four continents. We leveraged our existing staff recognition program to support the causes we love, including animal shelters, mental health initiatives, and non-profits serving local communities, raising autism awareness, working on cancer prevention, and much more.

Here’s how we did it.

Building camaraderie with monthly rewards

On a typical day, praise and acknowledgment for a job well done flow freely between SiteCare team members — all facilitated by a platform called Bonusly. With Bonusly, every team member receives a monthly stipend they can use to reward teammates for excellent work or for going the extra mile. These micro bonuses can be as high as their stipend and as low as $1.

Our guidelines are simple: team shout-outs must reference at least one of our company’s core values — #Trusted, #Excellence, #ExtraMile or #Care. For example,  “+20 @Byron, for setting a tremendous example of showing up every day for the SiteCare mission. #Excellence.” We have found this is a great way to publicly reward teammates while connecting their efforts to one of our core values. 

Acknowledgments are linked to and shared in the company communication channels, where other team members can view and add to them with a reward from their Bonusly funds. When ready, individuals can use their rewards to purchase Amazon gift cards, buy allowance boosts on the Bonusly Marketplace, donate cash to other worthy charities or as PayPal cash outs. 

This image is a screen shot of the Bonusly rewards platform, showing examples of rewards that can be redeemed on the platform, including an allowance boost, PayPal cash outs, donations towards select charities, and Amazon gift cards.

Upping the ante to make a global impact

Last year, we stepped up our Bonusly efforts by asking each team member to select a local charity to support. We had to motivate our choice of charity and assign a hashtag we could use on the Bonusly platform.

Now, if a charity is mentioned in a shout-out, it also receives an equal contribution in the team member’s name. For example, “+20 @Byron, for setting a tremendous example of showing up every day for the SiteCare mission. #empowerothers #excellence #BigCityMountaineers,” would mean that both Byron and his charity each received twenty dollars. 

This images shows an example of a Bonusly recognition from our COO to one of our developers, Byron. It reads, "+ 20 Byron, for setting a tremendous example of showing up every day for the SiteCare mission." The comment includes the hashtags empower others and bigcitymountaineers, which is the hashtag for Byron's selected charity.

The program has been very successful and is continuing this year with hopes of surpassing last year’s donations. The confluence of recognizing each other for work well done, and supporting worthy charities that make a difference where our team members live, all while connecting directly to our company’s value system, has been a game changer in our team camaraderie.

Drew Barton | President and Founder

Drew Barton is the President and Founder of SiteCare, LLC. For over two decades, Drew has helped thousands of businesses grow online. He is the author of the Buyer’s Guide to Websites, an Eagle Scout, and a Board Member of the Atlanta chapter of Entrepreneurs' Organization.

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