SiteCare Supports Global Charities Through Staff Recognition Program

Contributing to the communities where we live is just one way that SiteCare demonstrates its core value system. We’ve found a fun and easy way to support local charities across the four continents where we live, work and play — because we #care. Read more here.

In an increasingly global world, SiteCare, a virtual company with team members spread across continents, has discovered a unique way to bridge the distance between its employees and give back to the communities in which they live. SiteCare’s Charitable Contributions Program is a testament to one of our core values: Care.

Bringing About Change, One Microbonus at a Time

Recognizing each other’s work is a cornerstone of our team’s culture. We use Bonusly, a platform that allows team members to recognize their peers by giving micro bonuses to each other for excellent work. Every team member receives a monthly stipend they can use to reward teammates for excellent work or for going the extra mile.

Over the last few months, we’ve adjusted these bonuses to incorporate a community-giving component. Each time a team member gives a micro bonus, they can also choose to support the recipient’s selected charitable organization. When a message of recognition includes the recipient’s charity hashtag, SiteCare matches the micro bonus, dollar for dollar, and donates it to the specified organization.

For example, “+20 @Byron, for setting a tremendous example of showing up every day for the SiteCare mission. #empowerothers #excellence #BigCityMountaineers,” meant that both Byron and his charity each received twenty dollars. 

Impacting Communities in Our Own Backyards

Our team members, scattered from South Africa to the Philippines, Pakistan to the United States, and beyond, chose charities that positively impact their communities.

Here’s a brief look at some of the organizations we’ve supported in the last quarter:

Each micro bonus and subsequent match from SiteCare contribute to the fantastic work these organizations are doing worldwide.

Fostering A Culture of Recognition and Community Support

Since starting the program in 2022, we’ve noticed a significant uptick in peer recognition, fostering an even stronger camaraderie and team spirit as our employees go out of their way to support each other’s chosen charities. To date, we’ve contributed almost $3,500 to various charitable organizations worldwide, with each donation made in the team member’s honor.

Why It Matters

What sets this initiative apart is that it’s a testament to the power of peer-to-peer recognition for outstanding work performed. It’s a shining example of how businesses can simultaneously support their employees and the communities in which they live.

By sharing our Charitable Contributions program, we hope to inspire other companies; every contribution can have a positive impact, no matter how small. We believe that together, we can give back to our communities and take a small step toward making the world a better place.     

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Founder & CEO

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