5 Bulletproof Cold Sales Email Templates

Most of the cold email templates you find online are probably so out-of-date and overused that your prospects have already read your email before you’ve even sent it! In fact, you're probably bored of them too. Not to worry: check out some of our bulletproof cold starter email templates for a little cold email campaign inspiration.

by Jason Bagley

Cold Email Lead Generation

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At SiteCare, we continuously improve the emails we write for our clients’ lead generation campaigns. Sometimes we’re improving the opening line; other times, we’re replacing just a few words or removing an entire paragraph. The thing is, we know we can’t just ‘set and forget’ our cold emails and hope that the results are going to improve over time.

Much like our search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing efforts, we constantly aim to improve and optimize the content we create. However, we also don’t want to start with a completely blank canvas every time we write our cold emails. What we’ve done at SiteCare is create a few templates that we start with, which we then customize and improve on as we go.

Want our five bulletproof cold starter email templates? You’re in luck. Here they are.

#1. The cold-call email

What we love about this style of cold email is that you’re able to do two things: You’re able to put words into your prospects’ mouths, and you’re also calling out the elephant in the room.

Writing out how a prospect would usually reply to you on a cold call makes you sound self-aware and makes the tone of the email more conversational, which can often be tricky to accomplish in an email.

Calling out the elephant in the room means you’re able to talk about the issues you know your prospect will bring up in a conversation and deal with them upfront. Whether that is “now isn’t the right time” or the proverbial “we’re all sorted, thanks,” you can highlight problems at the start and then address them.

#2. Two ideas cold email

What I love about this email template is how we’re only going to do the leg work IF the prospect replies. If they reply and say, “Sure, send me the two ideas,” I can then go and do my research to come up with two ideas for their company and send them a well-thought-out reply.

Another reason this email works well is the honesty in the opening paragraphs about how I found them, and why I’m emailing them.

#3. A better breakup cold email

One important thing about effective cold emails is timing; timing plays a big role in whether a person replies or not. When you have a list of ideal clients who are unresponsive, you should continue to email them until you do get a reply.

I’m not saying send an email a week for two years, but after your initial three-to-six email sequence, don’t just break up with them and never email them again. Instead, use this template, which will leave the door open for you to reach out to them again in the following months.

#4 The video reply email

This cold email sets you up to create a video reply for your prospect. Video replies work really well as you can bring your personality across and build rapport, which is always difficult when using email.

What also works well with a video reply, is you’re not asking for a meeting – which almost all cold emails try and do – you’re just asking for an email reply.

#5 The 29-word cold email

Short and punchy cold emails work really well.

This cold email packs four massive punches:

  1. You’re going for the no. Here’s Chris Voss, author of Never Split the Difference on the subject: 

“There’s another reason a ‘no’ is more valuable than a ‘yes, ” argues Voss. “When you say ‘no,’ you feel safe and protected. You feel like you’ve made no commitment at all. So, you’re going to give me a lot more information.”

  1. This email stands out because it’s so short and casual.
  2. It also leverages the power of social proof because you’re naming the success another client is having.
  3. You’re also not asking for a meeting; you’re gauging their interest and starting a conversation.

Go and try these cold emails for yourself and measure the results.

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Jason Bagley | Vice President, Digital Strategy

Jason Bagley is the VP of Digital Strategy at SiteCare. For more than 12 years, Jason built and ran a highly successful lead generation agency, which SiteCare acquired in 2020.

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