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We've been relatively quiet around here lately. That's because we've been digging in and working on a couple of things to make WP Site Care a better service provider.

by Ryan Sullivan

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We’ve been relatively quiet here for a while, and it’s because we’ve been digging in and doing a lot of fun stuff to make WP Site Care better than ever. Our team is really starting to gel and find our groove, which means some truly excellent things are on their way.

I’ll start off right at the beginning by letting you know that these awesome changes will impact the pricing of our monthly plans. Our Starter Plan price will be increasing to $39 per month next Monday, May 5th. This pricing change will not impact any current WP Site Care subscribers. If you’re already a client, we’ll honor your pricing forever. The Specialized and Business plans will keep their current pricing. If you’ve been on the fence about letting someone else worry about WordPress for you, make sure to sign up before next Monday.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the exciting things we have coming:

Live Chat

Look for the smiling face in the bottom right corner of the site

Look for the smiling face in the bottom right corner of the site

With a more consistent staff during daytime hours, we’re able to provide Live Chat support and pre-sales for our customers and potential clients (you know you wanna be one!). There will still be plenty of opportunity for email tickets, and that will continue to be our preferred method for support, but you’ll have the ability to stop by and get a quick answer, or have a ticket created in your behalf when the question requires more than a minute or two of attention.

Live Chat support will begin on May 5th and will be available from 9am EST to 7pm EST.

Sidekick Interactive Training

We’re huge advocates of making WordPress users independent. WordPress has so much to offer, and the more time that users can spend working and publishing, the more time that allows us to improve our service. Educating and helping new WordPress users is something we spend a lot of time doing, and we’ve found an amazing tool to help us take training to a new and exciting place.

We’ve partnered with Sidekick to bring all of our customers step by step interactive WordPress training right in your dashboard. These aren’t video tutorials or articles. You actually follow along step by step to complete various tasks within WordPress. The walkthroughs follow your lead.

The current library has over 150 walkthroughs covering everything from WordPress basics like editing posts, to more advanced topics like checkout configurations in WooCommerce. The library will continue to grow and expand, and we see it becoming an invaluable resource to our clients. We even plan to make custom walkthroughs, exclusively for training our clients.

Check out the video below to see how it works, or even try out the demo yourself.

Better Reporting

In order to keep better track of all of the changes that are happening to your site day in and day out, we’re rolling out WP Stream for all of our clients. WP Stream logs all of the activity on your site by task, and by user, and updates everything in real time.

Along with a few custom reports that we’ve built, all of our clients will be able to see who changed what at any time, right from their own WordPress dashboard.


This also gives you the ability to hold us responsible for any changes made to the site. At any time you can get a beautiful report detailing all of our site activity, and can know that someone is consistently working to improve your site, even if we hide in the shadows sometimes 🙂

We see this being useful for all of our clients, and see it bringing a huge value to sites with a large number of users. It should also help reduce the response time to implement fixes for issues caused by human mistakes (we all make them), because we’ll have immediate access to all of the most recent changes to the site, and can revert them very quickly.

Coming Soon

We’ll initially be rolling these features out for new signups that happen after Monday next week, and will continue to roll out these new features for all of our users over the next 2-3 weeks. Once you have the new features available to you, we’ll send you a note and let you know that you’ve got some amazing new tools at your fingertips.

Don’t forget that Starter Plan Pricing will go up to $39 per month next Monday. You can sign up here.

Do you have any questions about any of this? Hit us up in the comments.

Ryan Sullivan | Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Sullivan is Chief Operating Officer at SiteCare, LLC. With a background in information and open source technology, Ryan has been calming technical tidal waves, and helping businesses and publishers succeed online for 10+ years. Ryan is also an avid golfer and loves tuning in to Utah Jazz.

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