The Best Content Marketing Examples [Video]

We've all heard that content marketing is the best type of marketing to do for your business. But what is content marketing? How will it help you generate leads and sales? What are some of the very best content marketing campaigns and examples out there? What types of content should I use for my campaigns? These are all the questions I'll answer in this video.

by Jason Bagley

Content Marketing | Inbound Marketing

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Content marketing campaigns you wished you had come up with!

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Video transcription

What is content marketing? You’ve probably heard this term before, but not quite sure what it exactly means. Is it marketing, or is it like an ad that you’d see on TV, or is it something like content that you would read, like an editorial that you would read in a magazine or a newspaper? Well, it’s neither of those things.

In today’s video, I will go over what content marketing is, why you should be using it, and provide some great content marketing examples. Let’s get into it.

What is content marketing?

Here’s the formal definition:

“A type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material, such as videos, blogs, and social media posts that does not explicitly promote a brand, but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.”

Now, I disagree with that “online material” part because content marketing has been around for hundreds of years. I will give you an example of that later, but that’s the definition of content marketing.

What types of content would you consider content marketing?

Well, pretty much everything. Whether that’s blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos like this one, email newsletters, webinars, PDFs, white papers, social media updates, pretty much anything that you can create, you could use for content marketing. The only thing you shouldn’t be doing is explicitly trying to sell your product or service. That then is advertising.

Why should you be using content marketing?

Well, it’s a great way to increase visitors to your website, grow your email newsletter list, be seen as an authority in your niche, generate more leads for your business, and ultimately, more sales.

Great content marketing examples

I want to get into some of the greatest examples of content marketing that I’ve come across. The first one is Michelin.


Now, a lot of us know Michelin for the Michelin Restaurant Guide. There are three-star restaurants, two-star restaurants, and one-star restaurants, but no one really knows the backstory to where that guide came from. Michelin actually sells tires, and back in the 1900s, they needed to figure out a way to create demand for more cars and, ultimately, what would lead to people buy more tires.

They created the Michelin Guide, which gave restaurants a rating of up to three stars. A one-star restaurant was a very good restaurant in its category. A two-star restaurant was excellent cooking, worth a detour. Lastly, a three-star restaurant was exceptional cuisine worth a special journey.

You can see back in the 1900s, there were only about 300 cars in France at the time. They not only had to create demand for people to travel but create demand for cars too! This is exactly what that guide did, and still to today, over 120 odd years later, the Michelin Guide is still going strong, and ultimately, it’s getting people out there traveling more and using their cars more, which would mean needing new tires. That’s one great example.

De Beers

Another good example that I came across that’s close to home here in South Africa is diamonds and a company called De Beers. There’s a whole long story about how De Beers was formed, but we don’t want to go into that. What we want to get into is diamonds and how De Beers created a marketing campaign that ultimately drove people to buy diamonds.

The way they created a demand for those diamonds is they started with influencer marketing way back in the 1900s. I guess they wouldn’t have called it influencer marketing, but what they did was they put out stories to say that celebrities were now buying diamonds and owning diamonds, as well as being proposed to with diamonds. That spread like absolute wildfire when people realized, oh wow, these people were buying diamonds.

What they also did was really, really smart. They created another advertising campaign to talk about how much you should spend on a diamond when you propose. The headline they created was, “Two months salary is a small price to pay for something that’ll last forever.”

That story and them creating this demand for diamonds are why we still buy diamonds when we’re proposing to someone. They’ve also created the eternity ring, the trilogy ring, and even the right-handed ring, as well as other marketing campaigns that have created a demand for their product.

Obviously, those two examples are really difficult to try and replicate in our businesses. They are the best of the best of the best. What are some other examples of businesses that are doing it really well that we can learn a lot from? There are two examples of this I’d like to go over quickly. One is HubSpot and the other one is Blendtec.

How HubSpot and Blendtec do content marketing


HubSpot: if you go and look at some of their content, they do an amazing job on YouTube. They’ve got a bunch of PDFs that you can download on their website too. Ultimately, if you go and look at all their marketing, all they’re trying to do is help small and medium-sized businesses grow.

When you’re listening to them and consuming their content, their goal is that one day you will become a customer of theirs by signing up and using their CRM tool. I think that’s a great example of something we can learn; trying to help others is a great way to show that you’re an authority in a niche to try and generate sales that way ultimately.


Some of us might not know Blendtec’s blenders very well, but what we would have remembered is in the early days, and they still do it today, is they blend technology (in their blenders). When the very first iPhone came out, can anyone remember how difficult it was to try and get the first version, or even the 3G or the 3GS? It was really difficult…standing in queues outside the Apple stores trying to buy one.

What they would do is get one of these iPhones, put it in one of their blenders, and blend it. Until today, they’re still blending a whole bunch of other things, not just iPhones. I think I’ve seen iPads being blended and all sorts of bigger products as well. I think that’s a great content marketing campaign. It is funny, but it’s an interesting way to show, “Hey, we can blend an iPhone. I’m sure we can blend your vegetables and fruits for your smoothies in the morning.”

So that’s some great examples of content marketing. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you learned something new and I’ll see you in the next one. Peace.

Jason Bagley | Vice President, Digital Strategy

Jason Bagley is the VP of Digital Strategy at SiteCare. For more than 12 years, Jason built and ran a highly successful lead generation agency, which SiteCare acquired in 2020.

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